Having your own website gives you some perks, including knowing how your visitors got there. That’s why I know that quite a few people are asking Google “Why are Czechs so rude?” Isn’t it sad? Well I think it is…really sad. But, unfortunately, despite the fact I am Czech myself,  I must agree… Every nation in Europe has its own characteristics – the noisy animated Italians, the wine-loving sexy French, the humourless Germans, the rude Czechs 🙁

I’ve done a bit of googling on the subject of “Why are Czechs so rude” and quite a few pages came up with various people’s stories from their visits to the Czech Republic. Most of them are about unhelpful or rude staff in restaurants, shops or banks and being blatantly ripped off left, right and centre by just about everyone. Basically, the Czech service sector sucks when it comes to customer satisfaction. Whatever’s happened to “Náš zákazník, náš pán – Our customer, our master”?

Two bits of toilet paper and NO MORE!

The difference between the Brits and the Czechs when it comes to politeness is like a giant chasm. I’ve got used to the British ways and love their exaggerated courtesy. It might get on my nerves occasionally – like when I’m asked by a checkout assistant at Tesco’s if I’ve found everything I was looking for every bloody time I shop there, or some other mantra they’d just been taught at a “What-to-say-to-customers course” – but when I’m back in CZ I realize I actually miss it!

This chasm becomes obvious as soon as I get off the plane at Ruzyně or cross the Waidhaus / Rozvadov border into CZ. Having said that, the lady at the kiosk where you buy your dálniční známka or motorway sticker in the casino building was in fact VERY nice last time – so big thumbs UP for her. The good feeling that things may have changed was short-lived, though, as I was reminded by the toilet lady at a service station that I’m only allowed to take two bits of toilet paper or pay more money – how lovely 🙂

You can’t get change here, what do you think we are? Ehm, a…bank?

The rudeness is most obvious in shops where they just really couldn’t care less about you as customer. Idiot me is always saying please and thank you while they don’t give a s**t – I’m sure the people serving me think I’m some kind of weirdo or trying to wind them up 😀
Same thing at the bank. I have learned by now that asking for change is a no-no unless you want to see a sour face staring back at you. And so is changing certain British notes. Why? As some of you might know lots of British bank notes have scribbles on them – it’s actually done by British bank clerks, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes! They do it when they’re counting money – they scribble, onto the notes, how many notes or how much money they’ve counted, I suppose. But you try to change those notes into Czech crowns in a Czech bank! No chance! I didn’t know that the first time, of course, and was well pissed-off when the stupid Czech bank woman in Komerční banka in Česká Třebová gave me a wad of twenty pound notes back with an arrogant smirk on her face saying that they are not valid. WTF? What do you mean they are not valid? They gave them to me in NatWest two days before. But she was having none of it…and not in a nice way, either.

What about railway stations, surely they’re ok being so international

Well, unfortunately, railway stations are another contender when it comes to lack of customer service as a friend of mine found out when she went to buy a train ticket. She told the woman at the desk where she wanted to go etc. and the lady tapped it all into the computer. So my friend takes out her debit card to pay and the woman says: “You’re paying by card? You didn’t tell me you’re paying by card! Didn’t you know you have to tell me in advance? I have to cancel it all now and start again. Do you realize how much work that is!” I mean, can’t they say it nicely and politely??

There are so many stories like this. Every time we go to CZ we’re faced with rude, arrogant, unpleasant Czechs 🙁 I really don’t know where this rudeness comes from. I can only assume that it’s the result of 40 years of totality and oppression, which has made the Czechs bitter, rancorous and spiteful. One can only hope that with the young ones travelling and getting to know different countries and cultures they will bring about a change and the next generations will be a little more positive, pleasant and happy.


  1. FukDaChecks on

    I find all the comments like ‘this is our country’ or ‘czech is for czechs’ or ‘stay out’ HILARIOUS.
    Why didn’t you pussies scream that when the Nazis or Communists marched in?

  2. It’s true, especially with the older generation. They seem very unhelpful and Intollerant. Even my dad agrees who is Czech!

    • Kevin Winn on

      We went to visit a Czechoslovakia museum in Houston, TX for Centennial Oktober Festival on 10/28/18 and met some of those characters.
      Guess y’all will know more about the region and people from this website.
      Eastern Europe is a grouping of countries on the European continent which has varying definitions, sometimes geographical in nature and sometimes more political. The term is often used to designate the European countries under (former) communist regimes.

      Their populations do not necessarily see themselves as Eastern Europeans, and many consider it a pejorative term. Most countries prefer to include themselves in other groups, associating themselves with Germany in Central Europe, with Scandinavia in Northern Europe or with Italy and Greece in Southern Europe.

      As a term its origins are fairly recent. For many years Europe was divided on a North-South axis. With the southern Mediterranean states having much in common, and the northern Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea bordering states also having much in common. The term first arose in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to describe an area that was falling behind the rest of Europe economically. It was seen as a region where serfdom and autocratic governments persisted long after those notions were fading in the west. It was always a very vague notion, however, and many countries in the region did not fit the stereotypical view.

      Much of Eastern Europe has ties to both the East and West. While all of the countries were heavily influenced by Roman Catholicism or Protestantism and have close historical and cultural ties to Germany, Italy, France or Scandinavia, many countries also had relations with the East. Russia was under the control of the Mongols for centuries and inherited political and social conventions from them. Further south, the influence of the Ottoman Empire and Islam was strong. The nations of the Balkans as well as Hungary and Romania were all at one time controlled by the Turks.

      The approbative term “New Europe” has been coined by neoconservative Americans to describe those former Eastern-Bloc countries which disavow the antipathy towards the politics of the United States that is common in Western Europe.

    • Asian in prague on

      K, I hope your attitude indeed keeps Czech Republic completely isolated. Again. Until the next 3rd most horrific regime come straight to take over.

      • Peter Lockwood on

        go have a look around Paris or London……..looks like you already have a horrific regime!! stay there!!

    • fuk u, first bring back all of you fellow Czech from the rest of the world back to your dirty country…

  3. I live in CZ since 2005, I moved here from Europe’s poorest country when I was 11 and I must say that over the time I’ve met many different people, some are good, most are okay but like everywhere there are some others who are assholes, I think you can find them in every country and they come in different forms.. I don’t think that Czechs are racist and things like that but yeah they are a bit patriotic and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s understandable when they get angry when some Romanian/Ukrainian stabbs a young guy in a club (actually happened in Vysočina region near where I lived) Imagine when something like that happens in a small town, word get fast and there aren’t many foreigners living in smaller towns. It’s then easy to understand the things they’re saying and it may even look like racist to some I’m sure… I cannot even imagine what happens in Prague.. And most of the foreigners live in Prague. I’ve heard some things they say about Czechs and they’re not really true, racism? Like the thing with the migrants for example, ehh no bs, as a Eastern European myself I completely understand where they’re coming from, at least the culture from my country is not much different than the one here, like we do not have sexual intercourse with goats or eat snakes and whatnot. From what I’ve seen and heard here, to a ”westerner” I’m sure lots of Czechs may seem as insensitive or racist haha
    I guess you can’t have only decent foreigners and when the bad ones do something stupid, we all look stupid, some more than others, being white helps 😀 Makes sense in a country with only about 10 mil people and the vast majority is white. Sadly can’t speak much about Prague because I only moved here recently and it is different for me, when I walk the streets I feel like there are more Russians/Ukrainians than Czechs, lots of asians and some blacks here and there can’t know which of them are just tourists, kinda of interesting as because I’m not used to this multiculturalism, and so far so good, everyone is minding their own business.

  4. well said, some of the people in the service sector are unbelievably rude….the redeeming people are few and far between

  5. I had an awful moment in Prague. A guy pushed me, no one says “excuse me” to pass by they just push you. Besides, every store, restaurant always tried to charge me more when I wanted to pay in euro. And the most horrible thing, I got a deal with the hostel to pay for a cap to the airport for 15 euro and when we arrived his taximeter was showing 24 and dude forced me to pay him with his crooked English. I tried to explain him and he just started the card and receded aggressively saying he’d take me back to the hostel. I had to open the cars door to make him stop. Very ignorant dude, I had to pay him, I felt completely stolen and disrespected. Would NEVER come back to Prague. People are just nightmare

  6. I’m English living in the USA since age 6. 15 or 20 years ago I went with my best friend (American) and another friend (Swiss) to Prague. We had a great time, though admittedly we were mostly just interacting with each other. The woman renting us our room was reluctant to rent to us until she found out our German-speaking friend was Swiss and not German. That, I think, is understandable considering the history. I do remember paying to go to a toilet in a McDonalds, and the lady handing out the toilet paper gave me one square. I was astonished but just thought that perhaps the people were very poor or didn’t have the same hygienic standards to which I was accustomed. That was the only really peculiar thing I found, though as I mentioned we were mostly just hanging out with each other. We did go to a beer garden once, and the people there (all young) seemed friendly enough. Also a waitperson at an outdoor restaurant we went to was astonished when I asked for a glass of milk. Apparently people don’t drink milk there but only use it as an additive. We did take a train once from the main Train Station. The ticket room was filled with at least a hundred people, and the line didn’t seem to be moving at all, but luckily I had bought Eurailpass in the USA. I wouldn’t recommend Eurailpass normally though, unless it’s changed since then (assuming that Eurailpass even still exists), because the tickets and prices were based on first-class but there were almost no first-class trains, so it was more expensive than it should be.

    We went once to a fancy restaurant, over my objections since I don’t like fancy restaurants, and when the food came it was so salty it was inedible. I sent mine back, so I didn’t have to pay, but my friends also couldn’t eat theirs but just paid anyway. Maybe that was an example of the hostility toward foreigners that I’m reading about here rather than a horrible mistake by an incompetent kitchen employee. For me, it just confirmed my poor opinion of fancy restaurants in general.

    It was fun looking through the comments here, though I was surprised at all the negative comments.

  7. I tell you Czechs are so because of choice. They choose to be arrogant, rude, aggressive, ignorant … I could go on. I live here already more than 8 years. There are no excuses for that behaviour the train with their country parts.

  8. So far no one has started up a conversation with me on the tram. Not rude, but too introverted and standoffish. I prefer Portuguese, Latin and North Americans.

  9. Interesting comments, and some self evident too 🙁
    I have a double nationality, one Czech, and lived in Prague for several years.
    Czech are very organized, working, bright people. They are trustuble too. They have black humor that one does not easily understand.
    However, on the ‘morality’ side they do not excel – Not yet.
    And this is common not only for them, but for all Slavic in general. Hate me, but “civilization” you find in the western Europe in sense of values, still hasn’t bloomed in Cz or Ukraine, Poland, Balkans…
    Which does not mean that it will not. It will, but it takes time.
    Being rude is NOT RESPECTING THE OTHER, which comes from not respecting oneself.
    Its deep psychology that does not change over night… It will.
    They maybe resist change and diversity, that makes the change more painful for them, and they react as they do.
    But change cannot be stopped.
    We people have to evolve – its natural. Its up to the Czech to embrace the process and enjoy it, or hate it. I am sure they will do one day and let shine all the positive treats they have.

  10. Reading some of the comments above, I must say I’m surprised by the amount of negative experiences some people have with Czechs. And I wonder where this comes from?
    Personally I have had great experience with Czechs. And yes there are some grumpy ones, rude ones etc. that I had the pleasure to meet 😀 But really where in the world aren’t they?
    I find most Czech people to be very friendly, hospitable, interested, social, smart, creative, cultured and often with a great sense of humor. When I do meet someone who is grumpy or unfriendly, I don’t take it personal. Maybe that person is going through a rough time.
    I definitely don’t ever mirror negative behaviour, because what will it solve? Just to show that my ego doesn’t let anyone mess with me? If anything I try to be extra friendly. Because these are usually the people that need it the most.
    That being said, it’s my attitude wherever I am in the world. And there is of course a healthy border between being tolerant and not let others go over your personal limits.
    I was born in the Czech Republic but grew up and have lived abroad since the age of 3, for more than 30 years now. I’ve lived in places in western Europe, Latin-America, South East Asia and the Middle East. I’ve met a lot of people in my life, studied and worked there and speak 5 languages.

    My advice to people is to focus on the positive, because that is what will be reflected to you. If you do encounter a negative attitude, don’t take it personal. We don’t know anyone’s story and while I personally try not to bother others when I’m going through challenges, we all deal with things differently.
    If you are not able to reflect friendliness back to a person with an unfriendly attitude towards you, that’s fine, but try to at least not get it to you and be somehow neutral about it.
    If anything we need more love in this world, not more conflicts!

    • Your smug, do-gooder priggishness is quite insufferable. For you, the Czech author of this blog, and all the countless other posts here are wrong–and you’re right? No negativity or rudeness here? I guess we are not as spiritually and emotionally advanced as you. Thank you for your lecture.

      I feel sorry for those who must endure your holier than thou finger priggishness in person, or on a regular basis 😀

  11. I’m going to be brutally honest here – I lived Czech for a small time – over in the east – I moved there with my then Czech gf. To be honest, I thought it was a mixed bag just like any other Euro country, inluding my own – met some lovely helpful people – met some not so nice. Of the not-so-nice variety , most were casual strangers – so I don’t think it’s fair to ascribe a national characteristic based on random encounters on the streets/ etc . I’m Irish and we’re supposed to be ever-so-friendly and bla, bla, bla but I can assure we’ve got some home-grown assholes here too – probably more if anyone’s counting…. and, yes, you will mostly encounter this (if at all) with a person who has no personal or emotional investment in you…so, yeah mb if you are an annoying tourist sickeningly happy cos you’re on your holidays while the rest of us are trying to get to work and are feeling a bit pissed off…sure, you might not get a warm hug and enquires about the health of your mother…when you hold people back and ask questions you could mb get the answers to yourself?

    Having been a tourist getting annoyed by the locals, and a local gettng annoyed by the tourists, I can understand both perspectives – just depends what side of the street you’re on at any given point in time. When you’re in a a busy bar you’re happy they stop letting people in – when you’re the one outside, it’s a crime against humanity. Does that make us hypocrits? Not at all – just wonderfully complex and contradictory human beings 🙂

    Rude waiters? Come on! Where on earth have you NOT met a rude waiter…or morose ticket seller and any of the other cruddy jobs that some people have to do to get by. Can’t it be enough that these unfortunate people have to do these jobs …without expecting them to wear false smiles all the time. I’d much rather speed of service than platitudes.

    The tipping system seemed compliacted at first for an outside like myself – but then we Irish don’t tip as a rule – but many of us do if we like the service.

    I drove over there and, hey, people showed me plenty of courtesy on the roads, even flashed me out onto main roads when I was trying to join the traffic. I had my Irish reg out there so I was probably not a Czech (from their perspective)

    I helped a lady onto the tramvaj 🙂 with her pram – GUess what? She thanked me…I even received some approving looks from other passengers…their faces didn’t crack…I was glad that I could “earn my keep” as a cizinec and contribute, in whatever small ways I could.

    Frankly most of these comments reek of personal anecdotal negative experiences within this country. I do not wish to detract from any other person’s experince. If you had a bad time, you had a bad time…but I’ve had a bad time in various Irish cities – doesn’t mean I write that city off based on my own tiny slice of what its people ahd to offer. Still, having said that, I can understand why some commentors feel the way they do, but it seems that their own experience differed greatly from mine.

    Whilst reading through this, I began to feel sad..becasue all I could think of was all those great people I met and felt that I had to stand up and say something on their behalf because it’s not right saying these things – people reading through this mightly dredge of shite and bile might not visit this country based in some opinions here and that’s not cool.

    I thought Czech was a tricky language 🙂 Jez, it’s a hard one…but I desperately wanted to be able to talk to people normally in their own tongue…regrettably I left before I acquired any reasonable expertise with the lingo – to my own shame, I guess…but the human brain has limits and I reckon I’d have needed a good few years to master this very differnt language. I remember hating Thursday becuase it was a complete f**ker for an Irishman to pronounce..haha

    I feel really bad for some here – in some ways I feel worse for any of the Czechs, having to suffer some of the attacks on their culture and nation. Personally, I discovered an absurd amount of warmth among my Czech friends…I was fortunate to be placed there for work and mb that is the difference. I already had an “in” so to speak – I was the IT dude. I was never home on my own unless by choice – I received lots of offers to go out with groups of Czech to socialise. All of them were top quality people.

    I don’t know from where commentors think the “inferiority” comes as it was not something I experienced at all – I received smiles from strangers, bank tellers, waiters all the time. I hardly think I am the Master of Charisma. I gave a little of myself first, expected little and received much more in return.

    I knew customer service would be different so I adjusted my comfort level – but, in all fairness, I have been told to f**k off by plenty of fellow Irishmen and women too in customer service roles – so mb in that regard I found Czech customer service to be, at the very least, honest?

    I think I prefer genuine humpiness to insincere gushiness. But, hey, that’s just me. I’m not going to start condemning others because their own standards may differ from my own.

    True, Czechs tend not to like people asking them stuff…when the answer is in a leaflet on the hotel desk. I see their point; but, when it’s obvious you really need some pomoc, I can peronsally attest to the fact that I was helped…and it was frequent and genuine.

    Example, my first day heading to work…and of course I got a little lost – oh, what fun for the tourist! Not so much fun when you’re running late for work. I hailed a lady from afar – I could see mild panic in her eyes as I came , all smiles across the road towards her…hahah…She’s thinking: Who’s this crazy man running towards me…I pulled out my pathetic little hand drawn map…and stammered “muzete mi pomoc…hledam…” some or other…when she saw I’d gone as far as was reasonably expected on my own , and was still getting nowhere…she smiled and turned my page over and wrote me a new map! 😀

    Lessons learned?? mb Czechs like you to try it yourself first before you ask others for help?

    Rip offs? I get ripped off by my own people if I allow it so I’m not buying that. All my transactions in the CR were , to the best of my knowledge, honourable and very much lacking in any form of “ripping off”. I even got receipts…

    Sorry folks – my overall opinion of the Czechs is that they were friednly enough to me – maybe I’m easier to please – who knows? I found a lot of creativity, which I loved. A great sense of humour too…tbh…and a good appreciation for dark comedy too 🙂 I found that a perfectly timed sarcastic comment would often be appreciated. MOst peeps I met were more than happy to go out of their way to share Czech culture with an itinerant Irish boy, including perhaps our equal love of pub culture. I loved Pegas in Brno…and miss to this day Kozel bars. Oh Kozel beer!!! I miss you so!! Guiness will never be the same again :)I met some wonderful people, inside and out. I saw people laughing on the streets, joking with each other, holding hands and sometimes I felt a little lonely but only because I wanted to join in. When I shared this with my Czech colleagues, they organised a huge secret surprise party for me and every Friday after that made sure I went out with some of them for drinks.

    Hardly qualities of a nation steeped in rudeness and zenophobia….

    Deky! my Czech friends for everything – I don’t think I could eat another knedlik but I miss so much about your nation and will always have fond memories of the freezin snow, rivalled only by the warmth I was offered by your people.


    • Na zdraví, and if you’re ever in Exeter, Devon, pop into the Artigiano Bar in the High Street, they have Kozel there 😉

      • Neni zac! Really!? Next time I’m in Devon, I’ll check that bar out 🙂 I still dream of Kozel green 🙂 🙂

    • malcolm bell on

      Czechs hate everyone that is why they are rude–no manners–it is not taught–no respect for anyone–bad inferior education system so they remain idiots into adulthood–and they don’t give a fuck!!!

  12. I am Czech myself, living abroad for the past 25 years. I am horrified by reading these comments. I have never found Czech to be so bad! (ok I am not a tourist, a foreigner living in CZ). I find Czechs to be somehow a tragic people, sad, depressed, and often simply giving up on life. I agree with a lot that has been written here to a certain degree. Tourists are rude, often drunk, damaging properties and being disrespectful. Czechs, particularly the taxi drivers (thou who´s to say they are Czech?) do like to rip you off. More often than not, the service is lacking. People frown a lot and seem rather cold. I currently live in Germany, having moved here after a long stint in the USA: Now that was a shock! Germans, in my opinion, are unfriendly, pissed, rude, mean people (and again, this is a generalization with surely many exceptions). It is very hard to make friends, it is very hard to be accepted. I find that many of the above comments could have been written about Germans, thoui think no one here will rip you off.

  13. I’m a Pakistani Born and bred in the UK aged 40 . Travelling is my thing usually go with Mrs every 6 months. reading the comments here are actually pretty funny. I am currently in Prague at the moment its my 4th day here another 7 days to go. For me its worse- brown and stick out. tall 6’4 athletic build . My choice of Prague is pretty unique for a brown person, Not seen many. TBH I done my research before we came here and was very reluctant , thought about cancelling my trip a few times after reading forums and reviews. We mostly stick to brown hot countries for holidays. Dubai- Morocco- Egypt- Tunisia-Cuba-Thailand- Barbados ETC. Actually The reason we came to Prague was to get some Cosmetic surgery done. much cheaper than UK prices and very good Surgeons here. I loved the Renaissance style architecture here. You can just sit and admire the buildings here for hours. Very impressive! I find it clean as well not a lot of litter around. don’t understand the graffiti in some places. Personally so far so good. I do get the rudeness perception That is attached to Prague. Its a cultural thing maybe its because of domestic political circumstances . Bad governance maybe. high inflation. Generally though I haven’t experienced racism or had funny looks. Met a English guy in a reggae bar in Prague.( Kiki ward Island). He said brown people get mistaken for gypsies here. I haven’t seen any gypsies here either. seen a few Africans. a lot of Chinese tourists. mostly all white.( Trump would love Prague) The money exchange and taxi drivers just haggle like they do in North African countries in the markets. No fixed rate whatsoever! negotiate better prices here. The rude stigma is justified in my opinion from my experience so far. probably 70% are rude and have no etiquette and manners. The architecture supersedes any code of ethical behaviour.

  14. I have noticed that the vast majority of comments here are either trying to point out generalisations about Czech people, or defend Czech people.

    I would like to take it in a different direction if possible.

    As a tourist (and please, if in your opinion it is not OK to be a tourist here, then you are probably not going to be able to help me), what is the RIGHT way, an EFFECTIVE way, to get service here? OK, if it is different than the rest of the world (and there seems to be lots of examples below that this is the case, and as a traveller to more than 40 countries over 30 years I can say from my personal experience that nothing that has worked to get friendly service anywhere else has worked here), then can someone who is from here help me understand how to get service here?

    There have been some suggestions that I need to be rude to get respect. Is that really right?

    Milos keeps stating “If you treat us Czechs like shit, dont expect that we would treat you differently.”. I fell I can confidently say I have not treated a single person here in any way but with what I would consider equal respect. However, I have found that giving respect first has led to me being ignored, insulted and taken advantage of. Maybe what I’m doing (showing respect first in the expectation that respect will be shown) is not culturally appropriate, and therefore seen as an insult and therefore the response is to be insulting. There are many countries where social interactions are different and can be mistaken to mean something else.

    So that is why I am asking the Czech people here to inform us ignorant foreigners of the effective way to get service.

    If you say, treat us with respect first, I am sorry, but all day every day I am doing that, and I have to say, it’s not working.

    I am not making generalisations. I am not laying any blame. I am only trying to understand what works.

    Any suggestions (apart from “If you don’t like the way we treat you, get out”. I’m sure you’ll agree this is not going to be effective for anyone). Any truly useful, helpful suggestions appreciated.

  15. As someone who has lived in the Czech Republic for a few years, I have to agree that the majority of them are insufferable kunts. From waiters yelling at you where to sit to shopkeepers flagrantly trying to scam you, I have too many stories to count. I found a way to counter this though, be rude to them first! Seriously it works. There’s something in the Czech mentality whereby politeness is only activated if someone behaves even ruder towards them than they act towards others. It’s the key to experiencing good customer service.

  16. Kim Nguyen on

    As a daughter of vietnamese living in Czech, I must say most of Czech people are awful. I was born here and I speak fluently but yet people talk to me like I don’t understand. It’s hard for me to find a decent job because where I go, they keep asking if I know czech language even when in my CV is written I was born here and studies here and even have Czech citizenship (have 2 citizenship currently but for work I use Czech one). Teachers at school used to treat me ‘speacial’ because I looked different. Classmates bullied me because I had asian eyes, asian nose, but well, I am Asian! There were time I worked as waitress in hotel so there were mainly forgeiners. I can’t say that all of them was nice, there were times when they were really impatient but as well, Czech people are not good at speaking in English and it causes misunderstandings. They always say: ‘Oh that forgeiners, I hate them, why they don’t stay in their country.” Czech people don’t like to call themself racist, they call themself patriots. I remember when biology one teacher insulted me saying I eat dogs and cats and other science teacher said “oh, you’re from East, that’s why you don’t understand it”. Of course I am not saying all people are like this, but a large amount of people are. Growing up here I really hated myself and having asian parents did help if you know what I mean. I have few friend but really few. I think if you want to visit other city than Prague, people might me nice since most stress around tourism is centred in Prague. I myself want to move out one day because they always made me feel I don’t belong here and should go to my country. If you’re going to visit Prague, I can only wish you to have nice stay as there’s a lot nice sights.

  17. Why are Czechs so rude? Maybe because you are a filthy foreign monkey whose opinion is completely irrelevant. Do what you are told to do and shut up; otherwise, fuck off, this is our country.

    • Dear PROUD,

      “Why are Czechs so rude? Maybe because you are a filthy foreign monkey whose opinion is completely irrelevant.” No, not very likely.

      “Do what you are told to do and shut up” Who is telling what to whom????

      “this is our country.” Oh no, again?

      In general, not speaking in my name.

    • Your comment is completelly obnoxious and I must say disgusting. I am happy I finally moved out after 2.5 years. I stayed too long and am sure I would have been more productive in life and more happy somewhere else. I do miss a lot of things, though, but moving out was a good decision. Your comment just proves the point. In return, I could also hope that all CZ people outside of CZ are getting treated as shit, because they should also go back to their country, and trust me, a lot of them are outside of CZ looking for a better life. I met a lot of weithers in Austria of CZ origin. Should I remind you about communist period and how many exactly looked for any way to leave CZ? Very nice today Czechs are so symphatetic. Well, maybe in the future again you get to move out a lot, lets see how you will be treated outside od CZ-hopefully the same way as you just described.

    • You just proved how rude you can be velky hovno mas ca hambit come to Australia I will kick your arse by the way I speak Czech even though I was born elsewhere I am proud to be Czech heritage but arrogant manners are sooooooo Communist syndrome boring!!!

    • “PROUD” (Of what I don’t know) Typical reply from an ill-educated, Slav Drug-Running village alcoholic Criminal, it was probably worth it that the Nazi’s attempted to wipe out Slavs, you are worse than Rabies infested Rats.

  18. You know, I do not usually comment on stuff like this… But in this case, I have to.

    I am a Czech girl and I am proud of it. I also worked in a hotel, so I have to say I have a little bit of perspective on the other nations. And trust me, most of you do not want to know what kind of impression you give about your nations.

    But you know what? You cannot judge people by the few you met. Of course, there are stereotypes which are based on true, but if you cling on them, of course you make them real.

    I have to admit I am sometimes surprised by how grumpy and rude can people get. However, I do not think this is a thing of Czech people only. As I said before, working as a receptionist I met so many rude people from all of the countries I can think of. If you judge a country by the rudness of people at the post office/immigration police/etc, you will certainly not get a real image.

    I live in Prague, which is currently overflown by people. Mostly by the tourists. I work in the city center. I have to cross 2-3 times a day from one building to another through the most frequented tourist places in the Prague city center. I have like 10 minutes to do so, otherwise I am late. I try to make my way politely and quick, but everyday I am stopped by confused tourists, tourists with selfie sticks, tourists taking photos. And you know what? For me, those people are the rudest. They stop in the most frequented place, block it and take a look around or take a photo. They bump into people walking their direction, often on purpouse. They drink alcohol and scream loudly in the city they are visiting. They litter, break stuff, dress like idiots on stag parties. They themselves are the rudest. Because when I visit a foreign country, I do it with respect and care.

    So maybe, just maybe, look at yourselves first. It is true that Czech people are often stressed. They are maybe sometimes rude. But most of all, they just care about them making their way through the busy city. We are introverts, that’s totally true. We do not like random chit-chats. We do not smile too much. We walk quickly. But if you are a respectful person and you visit our country and you behave like a normal polite person, I assure you no one will be rude to you. In fact, I think you will make lots of new friends. Because we can make fun from ourselves and that’s not what many nations can do.

    • You probably are very young and naive writting this. Many people commenting here lived in CZ and they did interact with more than just public servants. However to comfort you – there are these kind of web-pages for all nations. Really. And foreigners do overblow things often – it is called cultural shock. However, honestly, if I would be you, I would be thrilled for the large amount of tourists coming to the capital – it brings popularity and money. I am sure that the citizens of Amsterdam are less pissed about the tourists than Czechs. Berlin as well for example. Czech do have a problem, like all the other nations, just a different kind of problem. For Czechs there is a saying – “I hate myself until noon, and everybody else afterwards.”. True description of the CZ mentality.

      • I lived in Prague for a year (+) and totally loved it. However, I was embarrassed by the boorish boozy Brits on stag do’s at weekends who drank too much, were loud and totally ignorant. I have many Czech friends from that time there who are polite, yes a little reticent at first to get to know (e.g. takes a long time to be invited to a person’s house, whereas here it’s the more natural thing to do), very loyal and helpful in the extreme. Yes i did meet rude Czechs but they were few and far between. There is a joke in the Czech republic that the drivers are like the waiters, they don’t notice anybody else and yes, that was true. I saw some appalling drivers and some lousy customer service skills in restaurants. To balance that, I was helped whenever I needed it, even having someone walking out of their way to show me somewhere. I miss the place terribly, but like many Prague residents do, I’d have to have a dacha to get away from the stag and hen night plebs each weekend if i stayed again.

        • I am british but it makes me ashamed how the brits act abroad, that is why I live in Czech in an area not popular with Brits so I can live amongst the Czech people, who I have found on the whole helpful and friendly, in harmony.

    • Fk Czech nation on

      I’m sorry to be rude but, FK you and y Country and each singET they call Czech!
      You are the most rude nation that I ever met in my life, here and after 15 Years of living in this garbage hole, I realized the meaning of definition “communism”..
      Stinky and rude animals who prete To know everything!! Cheapest women that i ever seen in my life and every Is sleeping with ever (Brother, father, friends, neighbors, dogs, etc)….
      Burn in hell and if i had the nuke button.. I would never ever have any doubts to push it Zeman nation sh**

  19. As an American expat who has lived in Prague for 7 years, I can only totally agree with the author of this post about rude Czechs. It truly is their national character to be rude. I am planning my escape from this angry, introverted, aloof, passive aggressive country of miserable Czechs. They are not only rude to foreigners living here, but also to each other. I do not think this rudeness is attributable to 43 years of communism: this is a fake excuse used by Czechs to avoid responsibility for their rudeness which goes much deeper and farther into their past. The Vietnamese, Chinese, Cubans, etc are communist: they are not rude, so blaming communism is nonsense. Will the Czechs change and become more polite and sociable? I honestly doubt it as this cold, rude, indifference they exhibit is very deep in their mentality. To honest, I think I deserve a medal of honor for surviving as long as I have in this miserable hell hole of central Europe! Now back to planning my escape from here….

    • Been here from 7 years as well and couldn’t agree more with you. Whenever I travel to Germany it’s like a breath of fresh air. Seeing how the Germans got bombed out and still managed to build themselves back up is a testament to their culture. The Czech can often be overheard talking about learning English but very few have a friend who is a native speaker. My observation is that they harbor a deep sense of inferiority considering the prosperity of the countries around them and the easiest way out for them is to lash out and say “you’re in the Czech Republic, you should learn Czech”. Considering the fact that over 500 million people speak English, one would think that Czechs would make a massive shift to learn English but this is hardly the case. Not to mention, their consumption of American media etc. With such a low English proficiency, it is hardly a surprise why investors would choose to put their money elsewhere and foreigners consider CZ as Eastern Europe despite the vehement insistence by the Czechs to refer to it as Central Europe. The Czechs are therefore continually out-competed not only on the global but also at the national level by foreigners. They disadvantage themselves by their purposeful ignorance.

    • ok .. soo . why did you live here for 7 years ? Living here for 7 years while hating people who live here? May be, just may be there is actually something wrong with you.
      We don’t take shit from anybody , deal with that.

      • Czechs actually really do take a shit and were taking it most of the time throughout the history, mostly shit coming from more active and agressive neighboroughs. However, they did not and do not take shit from those who are in less advantageous position – Roma (non-voluntary sterilization of Roma woman some time ago, Slovaks (Czechs tought them how to eat with knife and fork, therefore civilizing them), Ukranians coming to CZ as construction workers (in the end Czechs are superior Slavs so they are entitled to “shit on” others in worse situation)… When, however, this shit comes from Germans or Austrians – they are very happy to shut up and take it and say thank you in the end. Now and in the past, locally or globally. Please correct me if I am wrong, I do not know histoyry so well. Czechs also take the shit from all foreign companies and their management gladly so that they come and create jobs for otherwise unemployed Czechs. And people live in their own countries their own lives without liking it even if they can more – due to family, business etc. If everybody would live where they are trully happy and enjoy, north hemisphere would probably become empty.

  20. bloodygulch on

    Wow, so many people angry at the Czechs. You shouldn’t generalize an entire country because you’ve met a couple of assholes.

    • Well actually you are coming off like an asshole making that glib p.c. cliche about generalizing. I doubt you live in CZ because if you did you would not make such an ignorant post.

  21. Lol I was just wondering if it was just me…but that we think they are rude might be just because that’s they way to be and they don’t considere it rude.
    I’m from Colombia, I flight all around and I just wondering here..is it my imagination or nobody really care about foreigners here.
    I made a mistakes with my tickets in the tram and the security fine me, I think he was the kindness person I encountered today..while I payed my 800 kc.. but he speaks good English.. maybe, just maybe it’s that they don’t feel comfortable speaking other language? I’m just wondering I have more time here but this is my second day in the city.. ah a guy gave me the seat in the bus I though was cute, I would said 30% or ppl are kind so far.. but I had being in super kind a super rude (or not cultural aware) places.. this is not the worst so far.. 🙂

  22. I’ve worked with many foreigners from all around the world, including expats, tourists and students at my last job in Prague. Most of them loved the Czech country and everything it includes. Architecture, art, healthcare, people, you name it. The only ones I experienced complaining about the “czech attitude” were entitled, insufferable, overemotional pieces of shit themselves – much like most people commenting here.
    No one owes you shit. The fact your entitled ass fakes smiles at strangers doesn’t mean anything. Most of you have oveflowing, bloated egos and a “here I am, faking politeness and showing supposedly good will, so you’re obliged to flash me an american smile and act like a subservient little bitch, because I, as a mighty westerner, expect it” aura. Of course no one likes you.
    Reasonable foreigners, who show a formal, polite distance to strangers at first (save your fake joviality and expectations for your friends – oh wait, you have none), usually encounter zero problems in communication with locals.
    Of course, there are just plain assholes among Czechs – just as are there just plain assholes among tourists and migrants.
    And last, but not least – why the fuck do you take people being assholes personally? Why do you give a complete stranger control over your feelings? Just dismiss them and move on. Letting your emotions get hurt is a choice and it’s completely yours.

    TL;DR: If you encounter nothing but assholes in your life, the problem likely lies more within you. You’re probably just an insufferable person. Stop crying, people aren’t going to change if you throw a shit fit.

    • Typical self-entitled Czech, making excuses when even Czechs themselves know they’re rude. You can never admit the truth can you? That the problem is with Czechs, not everyone else.

      • Just to give you an insight on Czech mentality. I am divorcing my Czech wife now, a very nasty golddigger. I have two apartments before marriage, she has one too. Under the Czech law normally you keep what you had before. But she says this is Czech Republic, a non Czech should now own here anything, she is entitled to it because “This is Czech Republic”. Notice that her family had a house taken from the Germans after ww2 with the Benes decree. Czechs are one of the most evil people

      • Of course we are self-entitled, it’s our country. You are not entitled to anything here. You don’t like it here ? GTFO
        Our purpose of life not to kiss your narcissistic asses nor anybody else’s.

        • You say-

          “Of course we are self-entitled, it’s our country. You are not entitled to anything here. You don’t like it here ? GTFO
          Our purpose of life not to kiss your narcissistic asses nor anybody else’s.”

          John C: thank you for your comment, because it is such a great example of the typical Czech attitude. You reveal how much you hate foreigners, and also think a visitor to your country is unworthy of even the slightest regard or kindness (nevermind tourists and western European and American companies created all the jobs here and rebuilt your economy after the communist period–or would you prefer to go back to your communist roots? Most likely. Hey bud–so sorry we brought all the jobs and business here to help you out after 45 years of bread lines and no cross border travel to western Europe. In spite of this, it’s “get the fuck out of my country if you don’t like the fact I think you are entitled to nothing when visiting my country. Nice.

          As for your last sentence ‘our purpose in life is not to kiss your narcissistic asses’, all visitors are asking for is a modicum of decency and kindness as they give your people business and much money. But clearly that is too much for you to manage. To the contrary, you actually feel entitled to visitors’ money and business–while you act like a totally rude xenophobic, nationalistic asshole. Good luck with that entitled asshole attitude outside of your country buddy. You will get the smackdown you so thoroughly deserve.

          • DESCHUTES,

            as much as I find the post of JOHNC stupid, you are quite reciprocal.

            In particular, I find what you wrote
            “we brought all the jobs and business here to help you out after 45 years of bread lines and no cross border travel to western Europe. ”
            lofty and stupid. Who is “we”? You and your family? Do you have any proof supporting you statement that you brought ALL the jobs?

            If JOHNC’s post is a bad example of something, then the yours represents equivalently idiotic attitude.

            • While you’re certainly entitled to your opinion that my post is ‘idiotic, lofty, and stupid’ reflexive PC kind of way. So, tell me where all the foreign investment since the end of communism came from? Did it come from Russia? China? Ukraine? No: it came from Western Europe and the USA. That is the “we” I am referring to. There is no denying that billions of dollars in foreign aid from USA flooded in after 1990 up to now. But you prefer to ignore this fact and accuse me of being ‘lofty and stupid” 😀 You’ll be glad to know this ‘lofty and stupid’ lowly shit wage earning ESL teacher is finally leaving CZ. You see, I’m taking up the advice of Mr. John C’s above post: I’m getting the fuck out because I don’t like it here 🙂

              • Dear DESCHUTES,

                “So, tell me where all the foreign investment since the end of communism came from?”
                I am sorry, but the burden of proof is on your side. Find some serious stats, I will happily read it.

                “There is no denying that billions of dollars in foreign aid from USA flooded in after 1990 up to now.” Do you have any proof of this in particular, that CR has been FLOODED by US dollars up to now?

                Let me notice that foreign companies have not invested here because of their altruism or charity, but because it has been beneficial for them. It is the capitalism, isn’t it?

                “You’ll be glad to know this ‘lofty and stupid’ lowly shit wage earning ESL teacher is finally leaving CZ.” Well, I don’t care much actually. I don’t know you personally. It is your decision and I respect it. Anyway, have a good luck in your next life (frankly meant).

    • I agree that many of the comments to this post are over the top and some very insensitive. However, you are simply not the correct person to point such things out. You state that letting one’s emotions get hurt is a choice, and yet you rant and swear at these posters who have somehow upset you by posting here.

      I will not give the opinion that you are probably Czech, however if you are it would be much more honest to simply state so. But it really doesn’t matter. If your purpose here was to bring understanding to the Czech cause, surely you have failed – because you are only mimicking the insensitive language and attitude of the posters here, and you indirectly bring to mind to the “ugly” Czech who thinks that smiling at the unknown person is acting “like a subservient little bitch.” I don’t think many Czechs would like you as their spokesperson.

      But perhaps your purpose was mainly to vent frustrations in an ugly and exaggerated manner as many of the posters here. If that is the case, I hope you personally feel better.

      • KJ,
        you wrote: “I will not give the opinion that you are probably Czech, however if you are it would be much more honest to simply state so.”

        Have you stated your nationality? It’s safer to stay anonymous in this respect here, isn’t it?

    • I don’t know if you realized, but many people writting here do not even come from the “West”. Your post tells me you are Czech, by simply mentioning again, over and over “a mighty westerner”. I am wondering will I ever meet any Czech person with a normal, healthy national atitude, not always thinking about yourself as inferior to whomever comes from “a mighty west”. No stranger owes anything to other stranger, however it does owe him a normal behaviour which does not include insulting words or attitude, because this then crosses the border of being neutral to being offensive. And lot of Czech people communicate like this. Nobody owes me smile, but nobody owes me insults for no reason at all eighter, or passive agressive behaviour. Or you want to say it is ok to shout at people in foreign police (just an example) or ask them to bring documents they do not even need, just because it is your bad day and you “hate foreigner immigrants in your precious land”. You are breaking a law nonetheless, but who cares, right, not that you are going to be checked or anything? If you have 1 ashole in 100 – most people does not take this personally, they just think the person has some issues. If you have 5 in 10 – this becomes a problem. And you want to tell me you are not over-emotional or insulted by a complete strangers writing here on this web-page bad things about your fellow countrymen and your country? Why do you allow yourself to be insaulted by a complete strangers opinions, and why don’t you then (if it is so easy) follow your own advise but instead bother to read comments here and respond in a very insulting way (“overemotional pieces of shit themselves – much like most people commenting here”)?

  23. Don’t make excuses. From all these examples and my own experience, it’s obvious that Czech people are simply rude and arrogant. They think they are better than everyone else. I made the mistake of living with three Czech people and one of them even has “In your dreams” written on the side of her tracksuit bottoms! She wishes!

    I met a guy recently who had encountered Czechs, and his experience was that they were rude too. In my experience, they pretend to speak poor English when it suits them, but speak perfect English (including swearing) when they want something. And when they want you to do something, they don’t ask politely, and they don’t even do the stereotypical German thing of blunt asking – they go further and say rude things.

    For example, as you probably know, people usually clean a microwave once a week unless something has spilled in the microwave. I didn’t know, therefore, that the Czech people were idiotically rinsing the turntable thing (the glass circle) out EVERY time I’d used it. Instead of simply asking me to clean the microwave each time I used it (ridiculous but I agreed to it), they added on “We can’t be cleaning after you all the time!” and one started swearing at me!

    Don’t blame it on something in the past. Britain had Hitler bombing the place. The Irish had the British ruling their country who, although they were invited, were seen by many as “invading”. The USA had a war with Britain. Yet all those countries manage to be friendly (other than London and a few other areas).

    Czechs are simply rude and arrogant.

    • Dear EJ,

      Emily wrote: “I’ve worked with many foreigners from all around the world, including expats, tourists and students at my last job in Prague. Most of them loved the Czech country and everything it includes. Architecture, art, healthcare, people, you name it. ”

      As you cannot disprove Emily’s personal experience, it would be fair to accept the fact that not all foreigners share your opinion for some reasons. Your statement “Czechs are simply rude and arrogant” is then untenable.

  24. I lived in Brno for a year back in 2003. The beauty in architecture is offset by the utterly horrific people. On paper the CR looked great, with investment, education, infrastructure, etc, which is why I moved there and attempted to start a business. But in reality it turned out to be a socialist gulag filled with the worst examples of humanity that have ever plagued the face of the earth. I honestly do not think I met a single Czech that I would consider worthy of having a friendship with. On a whim I decided to take a 2 week vacation in Ukraine. After 3 days in Kherson, I dropped all business aspirations in Brno, even leaving all my custom-made furniture behind. It was like leaving the military again, just let me the F**K OUT! There is a silver lining in that the last time I checked Czech tourism, it was abysmal. So much so that the Czech minister of tourism released a memo urging Czechs to stop treating tourists like trash. Things could have changed a bit in the last few years, but I would advise people to never visit the CR, thus assuring they continue their collective spiral into oblivion. Alone.

    • Took me a while to go through this but yes I completely agree… Everything said about Czechs is so true.
      I am sorry to say but I think they are the most rude, sad and ill mannered bunch of people to ever walk the earth.
      Their inferiority complex is shocking to me. How can you think so low of yourselves?… And so what if the communists came?… Why should your world of self happiness end because a bunch of invaders or whatever you want to call them made your lives miserable?
      That is a thing of the past. Those should now be old wives tales… I worked with a czech man in my country, I am north African by the way. Fast forward three years, his staff hate him, he presently has no friends, the few people left in his life now are basically partners who are strictly in business mode 100% of the time because no one can stand his rudeness and lack of manners.
      A simple good morning to him meant “why should you greet me, do you think you are better?”…
      It was always about someone trying to prove they were better than him or had much more.. Or them thinking he was ” f***ing S**t”. He had no idea that here all that was done was a sign of trust and respect.
      You are greeted in the morning, thank you’s are like breathing in air, people paying for drinks for you is a sign of appreciation not them saying “you are s**t and I earn more!
      I actually feel sorry for him. I resigned three months ago that was when my thread of patience snapped.
      Czech people grow a pair please!
      The world is getting smaller and smaller. Nobody thinks you are shit!
      We are not done fixing our own shit so why would we think you are shit?… Stop the rudeness and use polite words for God’s sake! Stop blaming it on Communism or occupation. It is dead now! Make your own way! And also, this a commute for comments there is no need for all the rudeness and nasty words here!
      And so what if you pack tomatoes?… Isn’t it food?
      You don’t hear Africans blaming everything we do on slave trade! You don’t hear us don’t call us west Africans it is insulting.
      You don’t hear us call us north not east Africans and put us in the middle because it makes us feel better!
      I was in Prague and almost died of shock because the contrast between the astonishingly beautiful country and the inhabitants was a sorry realisation!
      Everything is a war! Every comment is an insult! Even when as a tourist you apologize and asked to be told the right way to ask. It is sad!
      Wake up before the word

  25. Do you know what my Czech neighbour said to me? He said “I am a better man than you!” I asked “why” he said “I have no Czech, living next to me!”

  26. Omg, I never thought I would do this, but since this czechs are rude thing has been on my mind , I just cant stop thinking about it, looking for an explanation. I moved to Prague last year. And I have found some situations:

    1. at the immigration office, the guy in charge of providing for information told me to go out and come back when i could speak czech or with someone who could speak czech, because the language of the premises is.. czech.. omg i ddnt care if he couldnt understand, its just how they say these things, they re not kind at all, of course, i went back without anyone who spoke czech and i could finally get an appointment and my docs done… fuck… in a first world country, the immigration people do not speak a lingua franca to make it easier for foreigneres who have recently arrived. this lack of language happens to old people, they cant help it, in the end they r just bitter because of their miserable lives…

    2. at the post office, the lady just took my papers, basically grabbed them , just pulled them out of my hands, totally unkind.. complaining and blabbling.

    3. my own czech girlfriend told me she once was standing and a foreigner asked her sth related to a taxi, and she basically told him “why do u ask me? why dont u ask the taxi driver there?” omg , i couldnt believe it…. these czechs, most of them are too logical, they lack a lot of empathy, and its very hard for them to be kind.. i dont know why… in other countries, even if the locals dont speak ur language, they try to help u, they at least show HUMANITY, KINDNESS, EMPATHY… something most of the czech apparently dont have…

    at least im fortunate enough to deal with decent czechs at home and at work.. i just hope all the old czech people die, to be forgoten, and i hope all young generations can travel, so they see how the rest of the world actually behaves, so they become more opend minded and stop this rudeness…

    finally a place where i could say it!

    • Well I see the same here and without sense 🙂

      Few czech people with the clasic ” if you dont like go to hell” 🙂 Please people try to understand its a post comunist country with post communist people …its normal a president that stole a pen in front of the cameras from all the world and another old drunk daddy 🙂

      For the czech mind will be hard to catch the point that if we are here in this place its cause we are fucked about kids, wife and work or cause we dont have any choice…and more hard to catch that foreigner have a better life standart than them, not only material include the spiritual side.

      Czech never going to understand that happy its at home, happy at ur place……happy to change something, to make a better place not only for him/her but for the future generation…..

      And for people like this czech smalldicks defending the “if you dont like” its the first cause cause its a pimp nation, without any important event and will be lost in the history like ” The old nation” ….

      Regards and stop crying czech assholes and make a better country, dont compare, make a better country, dont complain, make a better country…yand you know why? cause a lot of foreigners, working for foreigners companies are trying to do from this shitty place a better country.


      • Well. If you don’t like… I wonder why are you still here, on this “shitty place”. By the way. We love our country as it is. So if you are one of that foreigners who are trying to make our place better. NO, THANKS!

    • And now I will finish with this…for foreigners just fast translation from czech to english….the PRESIDENT MILOS ZEMAN WORDS IN THE PARLAMENT and he said: The czech people are fucking idiots,retarded and without soul:

      Tato země v této době prochází rozumovou, mravní i citovou krizí. Zamýšlíme-li se hlouběji nad tím, jak k této krizi došlo, proč právě teď, musíme si připustit některá velice nepříjemná, ale bohužel pravdivá fakta. To, co nyní řeknu, není projevem univerzitní povýšenosti ani sarkasmu. Je to suché konstatování skutečnosti.
      Třetina obyvatel této země je slabá duchem. Každý sedmý občan je debilní nebo dementní nebo alkoholik. Zhruba polovina obyvatel této země má podprůměrný intelekt.

      Černobílé myšlení bohužel kontaminuje i morálku. Dobré je pouze to, čemu rozumím – a toho není mnoho. To, čemu nerozumím, je špatné. Odtud filozofie je nesmysl, matematika je k ničemu, kybernetika je pavěda, genetika je rovněž pavěda.

      Well dear czech people that dont was a FOREIGNER…that was ur president calling all of you a band of fucking morons!!!!
      In front of the cameras, in your PARLAMENT, in front of your face…..and now please what the fuck are you going to said????

      Neserte už a jdete do prdele 🙂 🙂

    • Why on Earth do you have a Czech girlfriend when they are so rude? And don’t make excuses – they’re not logical, just arrogant and rude.

  27. I think the reason for what a lot of people here see as rude behavior is twofold:
    1. Friendliness is not a standard here. People are formal and tend to refer to each other in plural unless they are friends. Lack of friendliness doesnt necessarily equal animosity, nor is it “passive-agressiveness” (a term I always considered comical by the way, since “agression” implies action).
    2. People accidentally or intentionally coming off as someone who believes in their own superiority because of their ethnicity or nationality (which seems like it could be the case for lots of people here, considering they readily condemn an entire nation for bad experience with taxi drivers and waiters in Prague city centre, something they would never do in their home country, but Czechia is apparently small and stupid enough to be that way in their eyes 😉 . That would also include feeling entitled to being spoken with in their native language, et cetera.

    • Maybe partially true, but passive-aggressive does exist since people communicate in other ways which are not verbal nor require movement, communication is possible by merely the type of look in your eyes. And Czech people can be passive-aggressive, since they are not physically aggressive by nature, but try to push their ways in different manner. Czech do believe they are superior to Ukranians, Roma, Slovaks, and all other Slavs as a matter of fact. Why would they believe this is beyond my perception. Learned from someone else maybe, long time ago? I cannot count how many times I heard Czech people saying something 100% fasist. Bad Taxi drivers and waiters are just a surplus, not the main reason for condemnation. Many people who write here lived in CZ for more then 2 years. Do you really expect that everyone in the world speaks Czech? Like it or not, other languages became more international, English at the top. To learn Czech it would take around 5 years for an average person, of continuous study, depending from his/her mother tongue. Why would tourists study Czech? Why Czech people always try to find reasons for their flaws in someone else? You can tell me the sky is red, but I cannot believe since I see its blue.

      • When did I tell you to learn czech? All I said was that there are people who drop accented, fast paced english on people right away and expect them to reply, instead of first coherently asking if they spoke english- people who have english as their native tongue are especially guilty of the former, which tends to rub people the wrong way, since that way of acting is considered gravely impolite in a country where most interaction is formal. Indeed, there are rude czechs. However what I find bizzare is that you slander an entire nation based on a couple of bad experiences you had, while bashing czechs for being fascist in the same sentence, conceitedly adding that all czechs believe in their superiority, for example. Isn’t condemnding an entire ethnicity a thing actual fascists do? You really should reflect on the way you put things from time to time.

  28. First off, after spending a year and a half living in Prague and making czech friends, I notice that each and every one of my czech friends hates other czechs! Something going on here I think.

    Now either all the czechs really do hate each other…for whatever reason I can not fathom, or you just say that you do to make friends with foreigners. I think it’s the first reason.

    Now, Czechs in general are rude and ignorant in my opinion and experience. The men are fake, like to act important and are probably what you could call cocky or arrogant, but have no reason to be. The women, I am sorry but coming from a married man, I must say, they are among the worst women I have ever met in the world. I have traveled to more than 18 countries and lived in many of them long enough to know. For some reason the women here are for a lack of another word…pure evil! That may sound harsh but I can not understand why each and every woman hates each other!

    I see two czech girls/women on the tram, talking for 10 minutes, laughing and having a good time, then as one gets up to get off at her stop, the other looks her up and down with a smirk and a look of disgust as she is walking away! What kind of friend is that?!
    Not only that, but they give my wife dirty looks, they give each other dirty looks, I can not understand why there is this intense hatred among women.

    Now lets talk about the common sense and humanity or the czechs. There is none. It seems that czechs have lost all common sense. All of it! I see czechs throw garbage like it doesn’t matter (and no not homeless or the poor) but everyday czechs. I see them block the tram doors at stops expecting to get on before others get off! How the hell does that work? I see them cross at crosswalks without looking for trams of cars, I see them walk 4 abreast so others have to move to avoid them, I see just outright stupid activity that you expect from children or people intent on being a pest! Not grown adults!

    And yes, the czechs do attempt to take advantage of foreigners.

    To the person that mentioned we should just leave or not come, well then you would lose about 10 percent of your economy and with that the thousands of jobs that go along with it. Then the other 10 percent of the economy that is related, supports, or a beneficiary of tourism as well. So if you want us to leave well then we take a fifth of your economy with us. As well as all the jobs. Not only that but the unintended job losses that always go along with it that GDP and economics doesn’t take into consideration.

    SO if you want to be a smart ass about it and force us out, fine….you suffer more than we do! I can take my job and money pretty much anywhere and contribute to another country. You can’t make up the about 20 economy loss with your good attitude!

    Now about the comments in here saying “there are good people, nice women, nice friendly people, etc”, yes of course there is! But the numbers are way off the wrong way. I, being canadian, agree that many canadians suck! But in all my years living there, I would say about 75 percent are good. In Germany, about the same 75. In Hungary, about 80, in Croatia about 80 as well. In the US, about 65 percent. But here in Prague, it has to be almost the other way! 25 percent! I am sorry to say, but it is what it is! Taking into consideration interactions at the bank, the post office, the grocery stores, the gyms, the trams, the movies, the parks, and so on, it is about 1 in 4 that are friendly or nice.

    Now the thing I do not understand is why? Someone above said waiting for the toxic generation to die off. I am sorry but the older generation are nicer than the younger generation. The only time the young generation are nice is when they are drinking! It is the 16-30 age group or so that are the inconsiderate, hateful, disrespectful ones.

    I don’t understand the problem here. You czechs have a reasonable cost of living. Comparable to Canada and the US, you have better education (free), you have a way better transportation system than even the best North American city, you have a pretty good justice system, you have better cleaner food, you have an excellent social welfare system, you have a beautiful country, decent weather, a city full of green spaces, everything the west has, but better! Yet you all seem so unhappy, miserable and depressed. And you take it out on everyone…foreigners and czechs.

    I am sorry to say, but since 2014 when I first came here until now, it has not gotten any better. Just worse. So that is why we are leaving. I wish the people were better as we really love it here. But the people make it unbearable.

    I wish all you people, foreigners and czechs, all the best! I hope you all find happiness and a better attitude towards each other and us visitors!

    • It’s refreshing to see some honest talk, so let me also express my opinion, having lived here for 10 years. Living in this place has totally changed my understanding of human interaction, and the point thereof, and not in a good way.

      As a foreigner here, Czechs are only interested in what they can get out of you. The moment you stop being valuable, you’ll just simply get dumped and left high and dry.

      You see, regardless of country standard interact laws apply, you might make a friendship over sport, or you might know someone with a van, etc. That’s nothing new, the difference is in Czech it’s blatant and crass.

      According to the average Czech, everyone else is an asshole who deserves to be used / taken advantage of. When I first came over here I guess I had rose colored glasses on, I didn’t see it so acutely. I was generous, I’m not anymore. And the reason is that generosity here isn’t appreciated, instead only expect to get taken advantage of.

      Czechs are fucking rude when you try and conduct business with them. Here’s an example. I have a car that in the UK I would be able to get fixed without any problems. Here the same car and I just can’t seem to find a mechanic who can actually do the job, for this reason in Czech Republic I’ve decided to sell it. The mechanic I’ve been taking it too actually did more harm than good. Now he’s claiming it’s just fine. I really wonder if he’s lacking the skill or a truly devious cunt. Either way, my car is more broken than ever.

      Next point – Czechs stick together. You are the foreigner here – Don’t forget that. When I was married my wife’s family gave me this impression and it stuck. There’s no sense of loyalty. In the sense that if you have a disagreement with a Czech here, it’s highly likely that your so called Czech family / spouse will back their fellow Czech. Unless they too have an issue with them.

      To give you an actual example (and back to cars) I needed my clutch replaced, and it came back with a fuckup (gee no surprise there) mechanic translated through my girlfriend, and he said it’s fine (it was not) – she turns around and says “Maybe it’s the way you drive”.

      Czechs can’t tell the time. If you say you’ll meet at 2:00pm – that can mean anything from 2-4. Too they can’t stick to arrangements. This too is rude, but it’s not intentional, but they’re certainly not very westernised in this regard.

      They’re fucking rude on the phone too. You can expect them to just put the phone down on you the moment they hear you’re a foreigner. On 2 occasions I’ve bought property here, during both these periods I couldn’t find 1 reliable builder. Not one. For this reason I made another plan and do not live in a new house!

      They look fucking miserable because they are cunts. The going theory is they’re not miserable, they just walk around miserable. No trust me, they make fuck all effort because they wouldn’t invest 1 millisecond of kindness to a stranger and if you think about it – smiling at people you walk past, etc – They love to claim is superficial – Others call this HUMANITY. Is it superficial to improve the quality of life, sense of wellbeing around you and for others? But again this requires charity – and Czech people do everything for a reason – Only for their own selfish agendas almost always.

      The girls you meet here are so fucking bland. They’re very templated. They’re ok in their 20’s when you’re young and you’re just looking for sex. But to actually try and have a relationship with one of them is very hard. They’re best avoided in the office too, since they can be super bitchy. You get your exceptions but the average girl here is really very bitchy and vanilla, not having clear distinct personalities.

      The people here all do the same shit, like they’re clones. Almost all of them go for walks in the mountains during summer, skiing during winter, and maybe 1 trip to the ocean once a year. And most of them keep doing the same shit over and over, even the same spots. Their hobbies are predictable, their mannerisms are predictable, and their personalities are predictable. And almost all of them do not like foreigners.

      Now some might not truly hate foreigners, but there’s always this passive aggressive cloud following you around here, waiting to strike.

      I’ve never felt more isolated in my entire life, from living here and I would be gone, fuck yesterday but at my age, I just don’t want to start all over again, so I endure.

      And what can you do? Hope for a brighter day? Change Czech culture and people – You cannot, you just have to be content here living a sub quality life because you’re surrounded by people who just don’t get it.

      • I think you just seem way too sensitive. I’m gonna ignore all the hate you spout but what you say as an example of “my girlfriend is horrible because she agrees with the mechanic”- I mean he’s a mechanic, so I guess he knows what he is saying? It would be logical to assume that someone who used to drive automatic transmission now has issues with manual? You complain that people arent kind enough and vanilla, well consider this- Prague is ome of the world’s safest cities.

        What I’m saying is that lack of kindness isnt rude here. People just arent used to fake smiles, like in America or elsewhere. People are blunt but what is the issue? You cannot apply standards of one culture to another. I’ve seen you spouting hate on many posts, but in the end it just seems you are unwilling to accept that politeness doesn’t necessarily equal friendship, and that people here tend to be formal with strangers. After all, we adress strangers in plural, so it only makes sense that czechs are formal, which seems to me to be what irks you.

        Some people do hate when foreigners acts superior however, which most people here do display when they judge an entire country by an experience they had with taxi drivers and salesmen in the city centre.

        • The guy is not spreading hate. He is just finding place to free himself from accumulated frustrations many foreigners in CZ experience. And this is ok. I actually agree with most things he wrote. And for the girlfriend he meant she is more supportive to his own countrymen then to him, trying to find excuses why somebody probably just did a bad job. Why excuses – because he is Czech. If he would be Ukranian mechanic, her reaction would certainly be different. I would expect from my foreign partner to support me more then his fellow country men. This is normal. Kindness is important. And Czechs are rude. I got yelled at for not speaking Czech 2 months in the country in the foreign office. You consider this to be a normal behavior?

          • Realist,
            you said “The guy is not spreading hate.” Reading the post of Anon, I think he is not very fair (at least) in many of his statements, e.g.:
            – “The girls you meet here are so fucking bland. etc.” – Just stupid generalization. Or do you really believe that all Czech girls and women are this way?

            – “The people here all do the same shit, like they’re clones. Almost all of them go for walks in the mountains during summer, skiing during winter, and maybe 1 trip to the ocean once a year. ” It is even much worse: we all also drink and eat each day, we all go to the toilet a few times a day :-)… No,no he is not spreading hate, he just frees himself from frustration 🙂

            – “They look fucking miserable because they are cunts. The going theory is they’re not miserable, they just walk around miserable. No trust me, they make fuck all effort because they wouldn’t invest 1 millisecond of kindness to a stranger and if you think about it – smiling at people you walk past, etc – They love to claim is superficial – Others call this HUMANITY.”
            Did he really say that (all) the Czechs are cunts???
            Anyway, you cannot expect Czechs to spontaneously smile at you on the streets, its a matter of local culture. I rarely smile and I don’t receive smiles either, and I don’t care. Btw, I find HUMANITY to be something deeper than just smiling at people.

            My 2cents to your comment on the foreign office:
            – I was in your situation in Latin america. No one spoke English, only Spanish. I couldn’t speak well that time, they were not particularly friendly either. So I don’t know what is normal (i.e. common practice around the globe). However, I strongly believe that the staff in the foreign office (in Czech rep. ) SHOULD definitely speak English, or they should be able to provide prompt translation to English at least. I hope it will get better in the near future.

            • Yes, yes…you are right of course. But, read the comment left by NEAL about his foreign police experience. When this happens to you and it did happen to me, then you can understand why there are people here who call Czechs ‘fucking cunts’. I know it is too much to say this stuff, but it does cross the mind and you really get the urge to just kick the asholes face. Now think that 5 out of 10 people in CZ behave like this and you get the answer why foreigners on this page are bitching about CZ so much.

              • You foreigners are so thin skinned .. and even more : so entitled
                ..live we have an abligation to smile at anyone or what .. lol

      • It’s our country , our future and our job to secure our nation’s future and our children’s future. If it means being rude to westerners ,let it be. We will not let you turn our country into coward sleazy society which commits national suicide out of cowardice while having fake smiles on your faces.
        And who do you think you are to criticize us? You have no stack in Czech future. You just come along with a smug face morally signaling your “moral superiority” to feel good about yourself because of your typically western narcissism, you don’t give a flying fuck about our future. You want our old people to die? At least our young ones are native people, unlike those in your(soon theirs) country .We see through people like you. Your own countries go to hell because of people like you. Your corporate fascist criminal elites tell you that you are a “good person” if you support your own cultural and national self-destruction and you, as a narcissistic sleazy cowards agree because it means having no problems and even “feel good” about yourself. Even your own countries should go to hell together with your children’s future, all that matters to you is you, you you. And you ask us why we don’t like you nor respect you? Lol.

        You criminal governments with your approval invade other countries looting their resources, allying with terrorist regimes like Saudi Arabia, supporting jihadists against secular leaders and importing millions of third worlders with islamo-fascist mentality to terrorize native population into submission, eventually replacing “too educated and smart” natives with dumb fuck stupid primitive savages who will never question fascist policies and turning your own country into 3rd world banana republic while bringing down wages to make rich even richer.
        Btw your “progressive” “invade the world, invite the world” western narrative is a perfect definition of fascism, because it means total disrespect for the very idea of anybody’s borders. Hitler would love that. After all, he “invited” millions of Slavs into Germany for slave labor.

        You westerners are full of shit and my message to all of you is one big FUCK YOU

        • Just a bit of insight in the Czech mentality, shaped by centuries of being someone’s little bitch, be it Austria’s, Germany’s, or Russia’s, and developing a kind of “national autism” as the only possible means of national survival – you can see it clearly in Johnny’s strongly passive-aggressive reaction.
          This country is TOTALLY devoid of ANY resources, including human resources due to the extremely low birth rates. It lacks serious natural defenses (unlike Switzerland) and strategic depth – in 1968 it was overrun within several days it took Soviet tanks to cut off its Western border. For some reasons unknown to me (peculiar climate, food or specific chemicals maybe? the US experienced a hike in crime rates in 70s-90s due to high lead content in the air), its population is abnormally and horribly (for a Slavic nation) placid, unwilling to fight or even develop! The last time they actually resisted any foreign incursion was in the times of Hus and Zizka, centuries ago. They didn’t put up a slightest semblance of resistance to the Austrians, unlike Serbia, or to the Germans, unlike Poland, or to the Commies, unlike Ukraine (not taking into account Hungary, since it’s not a Slavic country). If you cannot or are unwilling to fight, the only way to survive among aggressive and dynamic neighbors is to go into a state of inward mental lockup, an autism of sorts. You should not blame Czechs for this – it is their way of surviving as a nation and a cultural entity, and it works for them. If you don’t like it here, better move to Germany, really. Germans are way more open, adequate and tolerant.
          All of the above is clearly shows in things foreigners find so appalling here.
          Yes, Czech population is incredibly and simply abnormally inert – for the almost 20 years I’m here, I have met only a dozen or two (!) Czechs who are actively making a career, not just trying to earn enough to afford a crappy flat paid in part by their parents, a cheap Skoda and a vacation in Croatia once a year. The bare minimum, something great compared to the way their parents used to live, is OK for most of them. But we’ve got to respect their life choice 🙂
          Yes, they are not particularly smart (at best), Zeman was right. That’s why there are so few true professionals here; basically, everyone here is an amateur making a mediocre living. Thus the problems with car repairs, construction, service, etc. etc. Its a harsh reality.
          Yes, the are incredibly passive-aggressive, since they (historically) have to keep their heads low and cannot show emotion, lest they be fucked up by invaders. That’s why for the decades I’ve been here, I have not seen a SINGLE – a SINGLE – real street fight, even in the Gypsy-heavy quarters of Palmovka or Karlin at night.
          And yes, they – just like Johnny above – consider themselves to be in a bastion of true, pure nationhood, somehow better than Ukrainians, Russians, or even Poles or Slovaks, and take mental refuge in an unfounded sense of national greatness. It’s their defensive mechanism, like a hedgehog’s needles 🙂
          BUT! On the other hand, you can actually use the Czech peculiarities! Just haggle, and you will get a huge discount, because the person doing the work subconsciously understands their price is simply unfounded. Got stopped by the police for running a red light? The fine is 5000 and a penalty point? Just show them a backup wallet with 500 crowns, regret that you only have a credit card on you, and they’ll take the 500, not wishing to bother with writing a payment order for you 🙂 Need help at an office? Just learn a couple of words like “Nemloowim cheskee, potrjebuyee pomots” and give the aggressive lady your papers, she’ll gracefully accept your submission to her national superiority and help you. Need to put an asshole in his place? Just make a move like you’re going to beat him up right here and right now, be loud, and he’ll get scared – open aggression is a no-no, at least for the “white” Czechs. Actually, that’s what local Gypsies use, to a great effect 🙂
          So, don’t bitch about Czechs being rude assholes, try to understand them, and then either move out or use them 🙂

          • IvanC,
            I don’t care what you say about the current Czech population. However, despite I prefer to look ahead and not behind, I find it utterly unfair when you write
            “The last time they actually resisted any foreign incursion was in the times of Hus and Zizka, centuries ago. They didn’t put up a slightest semblance of resistance to the Austrians, unlike Serbia, or to the Germans, unlike Poland, or to the Commies, unlike Ukraine.”
            It is always tricky to judge the history. What you wrote is simply stupid and unfair to those who died defending (not only) our freedom.

            Please fill your gaps. You can start e.g. here:

            BTW, I find the lack of violence on the Czech streets as a huge PLUS. Don’t you?

            • No, Vit, there are no (big) gaps in my knowledge of Czech history. A couple of regiments of soldiers just trying to fight their way back home, a hundred of fighter pilots with damaged pride and a token handful of SAS-supported resistance fighters just show how small the percentage of those willing to REALLY fight has always been within the Czech population. A tiny percentage. Didn’t mean to be unfair to those who died in 1945 and during other times of resistance, they were true heroes – even more so considering how little support from the public they got, unlike the Warsaw uprising. What you wrote, the fact that you consider THAT resisting, only proves my point. National resistance means the national army does not just stay in the barracks when attacked, even when ordered to surrender, which is what happened in WWII and in 1968, and people aged 15-65 organize and fight back.

              And yes, Vit, lack of street violence is a very good thing, I agree – for me personally it’s a good thing. But not when it’s due simply to the people’s being unable to express their emotions (both hatred or love) in an adequate, human, way. In other countries street violence is easily solved by police patrols, despite a huge number of drunk pub-goers and conflicts between commuters or drivers. It’s like saying “Wow, look at that – I’ve got flu and my body temperature is only 36,8C! That means I’m quite well!”. No, that means something is wrong with your organism and that something needs to be fixed.

              Zeman was right (even though he acts like a clown sometimes), something needs to be done if the Czechs don’t want to remain a country of sullen, hostile, always complaining people with an incredible percentage of people with psychological problems – I can attest to that, the number of crazy bums in Prague is alarming. A standing army, investment in research, attracting business by lowering the taxes would do miracles and give the Czechs a REAL national pride.

              • IvanC,

                “What you wrote, the fact that you consider THAT resisting, only proves my point. ”
                No, I am still missing your point. What happened in the history is over. What happened here e.g. in 1938 (German occupation) was one of the possible options. The other one was to enter a devastating war, left by allies, with the land forming a huge salient into the enemy territory – YOU wrote ” It (CZ) lacks serious natural defenses (unlike Switzerland) and strategic depth”. Why do you think the national resistance as you define it, your favorite solution as I understand, is the best one??……I have no idea what I would do that time; nobody knows if he is hero before the hard time comes. It is respectful what Poles, Serbs, Hungarians and others you mentioned did, but should I feel inferior to them because of the history? Not at all. I personally don’t feel any lack of “real national pride”. I don’t need heroic history of my nation to feel myself self-confident. I take it from the way I live, from what I do and how I do it. I like the country and its culture, it’s a good place for living (definitely not the best, but which is?). I don’t think Czechs are much worse or much better than the other nations.

                “lack of street violence is a very good thing, I agree – for me personally it’s a good thing. But not when it’s due simply to the people’s being unable to express their emotions (both hatred or love) in an adequate, human, way.”
                Do you think it’s bad when people do not express their emotions the way you prefer? Violence is just not a norm in people’s interactions here. I don’t think that making advantage of it would be something to write home about.

                “standing army, investment in research, attracting business by lowering the taxes would do miracles”
                yes to the research and I add the education.

                I agree that Zeman is a clown. I hope we will elect a better president this autumn.

                • The point was to show why the Czech people are so closed and hostile, from a historical point of view, to foreigners. You can’t say “let’s forget history and concentrate on the future”, that was what formed the national mentality and history won’t go away – nobody here is doing anything about it. For example, I have not yet seen any patriotic programs on TV, ads for the armed forces, or propagating the idea of a strong Czech Republic. All I see on TV is blatant self-hate OR hatred to other nations. Don’t want to use Euro? Do something about it, don’t just bitch and moan while walking slowly towards it like sheep 🙂
                  Not trying to teach anyone, just explaining what’s going on and why, from my point of view

      • Wow I thought it was just me, regarding the point about Czechs sticking together regardless of whats objectively right/wrong. The amount of times my wife has gone against me in favour of some unknown person ( in the wrong!) its incredible. I always put it down to serving the state/Communism brainwashed no questioning approach. But its true none the less. Just as you say, taking their side questioning and picking some hypothetical wrong doing -don’t question authority!. I have been here in the Czech rep for 10yrs. My conclusion is akin to the guy from Canada. Czechs are xenophobic rude negative people..generally. They generally do see others as to what they can get out of them. Driving is a good indicator of their general approach to the morals and ethics here. Drive through Europe and the change, once you get in the Czech rep is stark. They drive as they walk -complete abandonment. No regard for who is around, blundering into others and speeding as if the road is only theirs. Only the other day I parked in a childs parking lot, with my kids, and a lady in a car starts screaming they she needs the space. A guy the other day walked straight in front of me, cut me up (just like on the roads in the czech rep) Icarried on smashed into him – a tirade of insults ensued. This “who will back down first approach” is rife here, walking about. Czechs certainly embrace a predatory way. And as the lady said, Czechs generally have no empathy, I mean their system, the whole show. For example there was an old man living down the road in an old shack -really its now condemned. It took him 15 mins to walk 300 metres to his house. In the 7 years we knew him no social services provided a wheel chair any support…nada! He is dead now, its brutal here. In the U.K. this would be in the local news. They act aggressively, grab, no politeness no smiling. I am finding you have to treat kind with kind to get through and survive, its seems to garner respect, but this frightens me as I do not want to change my demenour to get through this place. I do know friendly Czechs but sadly they are in the minority. Dont get me strarted on customer service, i am so glad many places have self service now : ) Its strange as most of Europe seems friendlier than the Czech rep.

        • “In the U.K. this would be in the local news.” .. lol, paki gangs raping tens of thousands of little girls didn’t make UK news, and your own police ignored it .. all of that because you are not rude and xenophobic . Congrats idiot.
          For some reason your country is turning to 3rd world shithole, while you escaped here and then you whine here wanting to turn us into the same idiotic dodo birds with pathetic sleazy slave mentality i.e. Brit mentality.
          You don’t belong here ,go back to your jew run paki hellhole full of “polite people”i.e. slaves.

          • Oh you are calling me an idiot instead of refuting my claims. Lol yeah we ignored it so much we made a drama documentary about it – 3 girls. And you think this country is whiter than white with its corrupt post communist mess. Lol
            Yes some one who is severely disabled getting no support living in a condemned shack, would be in the local news in the U.K. or any where where humanity is about. Until something was done while he was alive! This czech g’dad was in the good old Czech rep, ignored by all, suffering in pain but hey there is no multiculturism so the old geezer can suffer in pain while you go around greedy grabbin letting your fellow comrades suffer – and there are many like this man living about in the Czech rep.


            The U.K. example you cite to try and counter my comments, does not represent uk indiginious peoples culture AND BEHAVIOUR. You are filthy racists excuse of a human being speaking that way – pakis jew run hellhole? – go get an evaluation. You are reaffirming what the majority is saying here. That czech people are generally Looking inward,racist, backward, bitter and twisted. You are the top crab in the bucket of Czech Rep crabs – get ready to be clawed back as your nation constantly is, having this uprogressive blinkered mindset.

            Your comments about 3rd world shithole confirm this, you as Czech cannot really grasp how civilisations work, you are really not one to talk of assimilation or history and progress. Your country wishes to stand still….and you will be left behind, keep up slowest in the class. lol

            Don’t worry if the hammer falls like WW2 you’ll be left alone this time, until then carry on writing in our legacy.

  29. I’m an Italian living in Prague at the moment.

    The city is stunning and i met so many nice people here and I quickly fit in the Prague unique lifestyle.

    I made Czech friends too and I can definitely say they are really nice and peaceful .

    I got invited kind of everywhere like museums, castles, camping etc etc…I also got stopped on the streets and invited for a

    visit in towns in the Czech countryside.

    I only experienced few rude episodes but a smile and a pint fixed everything up.

  30. Example: Just yesterday, my company sent a group of employees to a meeting in another town and for this matter hired a couple of buses.

    On the way back I was one of the last ones to get in and one of the buses seemed pretty much full, so I stood there screening and asked the driver
    Me: -“prosim vas, uz nemáte misto?
    Driver: -“no! nevidite! tady volno a tady volno!” (loud and with contempt)
    Me: -“prosím?” (confused).
    Driver: -“tady volno! a tady volno! JEZIZ MARIA, …bla bla”

    At his point I stepped out and left him speaking by himself and changed bus where there was space.

    In the end, company is paying big money to a bunch of retards to yell at their employees. I can’t think of any other place where this could be allowed to happen. (And yet to some I deserve this treatment out of nothing”).

    Of course I didn’t complain, what for? my company is managed by some other czech morons who think this is “normal”.

    • Lol,first of all “prosim vas, uz nemáte misto?” sounds like you are trying to troll him, it should be “prosim vas, nemáte ještě misto?”.
      There are an infinite nuances in Czech language . That’s why foreigners trying to speak Czech get into misunderstandings a lot.
      Second, why you even asked him when there obviously was a place,so to him it must have sounded like you are just trying to troll him on multiple levels. i don’t know how it’s going in your country ,but here we find a place to sit or stand ourselves. idea of asking driver is totally ridiculous for us.

      • There you go, it’s always one’s fault.
        First: Make fun of everyone’s effort to articulate something in this cavemen dialect.

        Second: One should just keep our mouths shut no to bother the troll-sensitive driver.

        Third: Since our company was the customer who hired transportation ensuring one seat for everyone. One just should travel 2.5 hours standing just because you’re either a troll or a retard.

        I get it now.

        • Baroi K,
          I admit that the bus drivers are category of itself, a few of them are rude indeed. I know it as I commute to work every day by bus. Some are better, some are worse. Some of them behave like pure idiots. There is an urge need for drivers on the job market these days, maybe they would be nicer when in threat of being fired.

          I think it’s absolutely senseless to reply (to John C this time) in this harsh manner. He didn’t write anything offensive in his post, just expressed insight into the situation.

          PS: good that you try to speak czech. Many locals do appreciate it.

        • That’s the exact type of reply I would expect from a Czech.

          It’s like “Listen up you don’t know shit’

          Here’s a reason, and here take another few reasons just to make you know you’re actually the one at fault.

          • “This is exactly the type of reply I would expect from a Czech”

            Have you ever thought that your outspoken loathing of czechs could be why we are rude towards you?

            • He’s ‘loathing’ them on an internet post, not in real life. They have no reason to be so rude in person. I too find Czechs cold and unpleasant.

          • Now look at your reaction. You got a valid reason for why the bus driver might’ve got annoyed. If I was told that, I would kinda back off – being aware that due to my lack of insight I might have just expressed myself in a wrong way and that resulted in a certain reaction. You, instead, play the victim again. Why? Because you are somehow convinced that your good will alone means you are justified. Not for a single moment did you perhaps experience something like a self-reflexion. Imagine there might be things you can do in the best belief but the other side will receive an insulting message. In Chinese you sing a syllable in a different way and instead of “I love you” you say “You’re a piece of shit” (not a real example). Would you blame the Chinese who would get angry for being a total arrogant jerk, just because you meant well and smiled? This is where the true arrogancy lies.

            I’m not justifying the bus driver as he might’ve simply had a bad day and many Czechs just feel the need to let everyone know, spit it on everyone’s head. That is one very bad habit indeed. But the truth is that everything John C. wrote was right. The way you asked itself sounds like making fun of the driver. However, the driver should’ve realized that you’re a foreigner and what you’re really trying to tell him. Then again, many of these people have low education, often because they couldn’t make it further, and are also underpaid – so much to expecting some sophisticated insight. And we really don’t ask drivers to show us empty seats. As long as it’s not a reservation only ride, the driver doesn’t even have a count of how much capacity is full. If there were spaces on sight, it is pretty silly to ask at all.

            I get it, you’re probably from one of the west countries that lately put on a self-destructive course by forcing their natives to adapt to newcomers instead of newcomers adapting to the home country. But that’s not how it works here. So you should really work on this attitude of yours. You know, the attitude that you by no means could’ve done anything wrong, said something that could’ve offended anyone. There is really nothing wrong in doing that because of lack of knowledge, that happens to everyone. But if you are not even willing to admit… well, then no wonder you have some bad experience with Czechs.

        • Now look at your reaction. You got a valid reason for why the bus driver might’ve got annoyed. If I was told that, I would kinda back off – being aware that due to my lack of insight I might have just expressed myself in a wrong way and that resulted in a certain reaction. You, instead, play the victim again. Why? Because you are somehow convinced that your good will alone means you are justified. Not for a single moment did you perhaps experience something like a self-reflexion. Imagine there might be things you can do in the best belief but the other side will receive an insulting message. In Chinese you sing a syllable in a different way and instead of “I love you” you say “You’re a piece of shit” (not a real example). Would you blame the Chinese who would get angry for being a total arrogant jerk, just because you meant well and smiled? This is where the true arrogancy lies.

          I’m not justifying the bus driver as he might’ve simply had a bad day and many Czechs just feel the need to let everyone know, spit it on everyone’s head. That is one very bad habit indeed. But the truth is that everything John C. wrote was right. The way you asked itself sounds like making fun of the driver. However, the driver should’ve realized that you’re a foreigner and what you’re really trying to tell him. Then again, many of these people have low education, often because they couldn’t make it further, and are also underpaid – so much to expecting some sophisticated insight. And we really don’t ask drivers to show us empty seats. As long as it’s not a reservation only ride, the driver doesn’t even have a count of how much capacity is full. If there were spaces on sight, it is pretty silly to ask at all.

          I get it, you’re probably from one of the west countries that lately put on a self-destructive course by forcing their natives to adapt to newcomers instead of newcomers adapting to the home country. But that’s not how it works here. So you should really work on this attitude of yours. You know, the attitude that you by no means could’ve done anything wrong, said something that could’ve offended anyone. There is really nothing wrong in doing that because of lack of knowledge, that happens to everyone. But if you are not even willing to admit… well, then no wonder you have some bad experience with Czechs.

          P.S.: Not sure why I bother, you are an arrogant bastard, looking down at us by default just by accusing our language, calling it “cave-dialect!. A low, cowardly move of a weak individual who can’t find proper arguments. You expect me to respect you? No, thanks. 🙂

  31. I work in the center of Prague, so I see EVERY DAY loads of arrogant obnoxious foreigners who dont show even the slightest sign of respect towards us Czechs. Actually they behave like some kind of nineteeth century collonizers.

    Why do you expect from us Czech to treat you with respect when you treat us with utter disrespect?!!

    • Tourists pretty much travel to most countries on the globe, get with the 21st century. They behave the same as they would in any other foreign country. Difference is most people realise tourists are just that, people who don’t know the local culture/language and are just there for a holiday.

      They boost the host country’s economy, they are guests of the host country, but most of all they are HUMAN: is it too much for them to expect a little help here and there? Czechs have no common sense.

    • Milos, that is because the center of Prague IS some kind of XIX century colony, by way of Czech authorities making it totally and completely dependent on tourists, without whose money the center of the city would turn into a slum in a fortnight. Don’t blame the tourists, they just expect much higher standards of service from a banana city, at least comparable with those in Bulgaria, but are not getting the service. It’s not the tourists’ blame, but that of the city mayor and the government. Look at what they’ve been doing to the beautiful National Museum for several years! Such ineptness IS the reason people come to Prague with high expectations but are dissatisfied, seeing the grim reality.

      • AnotherNonCzechInCzech on

        Anticzech racism? Are Czechs really this stupid?
        When lots of visitors say you are rude and racist, stfu and listen.
        That many people can’t be wrong.

        What are Czechs so proud of anyway?
        You’re in a landlocked country that got overtaken by the 2 shittiest regimes in recent history.
        Stop being so proud without reason.

  32. For all anticzech racist morons! If you treat us like shit dont expect from us that we would treat you any better!!!!

  33. the czechs in general are opportunistic, rip off merchants who are also manipulative in nature and very cheap.
    Of course there are some exceptions but these are commonly accepted traits.
    If you are british / American you are most defintiely seen as a walking bank vault and people have no quarms in judging you thinking your rich and trying to exploit you. Czechs are also very fake people – fake courtesies hello and goodbye in a elevator for example, then the next minute your nearly dead on a road due to the insanely aggressive drivers which are everywhere. Im not talking about one off occasions im talking all the time. Yes the british maybe are too polite. But there is something wrong with this society and the people in it.
    I work with polish too and even they cannot believe how rude and obnoxious Czechs are. Oh and im engaged to a Slovak girl so im not some eastern european hater, or racist. I live in Prague but am thinking of moving purely because of the people here. Such a shame.

    • Stop anticzech racism!!!!
      And Czechs are NOT eastern Europenas!!!
      By the way, if you hate us, move as quickly as possible. We are not preventing you from leaving.

      • Your comment reminds me on some of the phrases I heard over and over again in CZ. Czechs are ashamed from being called Eastern-Europaeans. Their fasist nature comes to a full shine here. Instead, they would like to be considered Western (very big self low-value complex they have), because Prague is more West then Vienna. Or in the worst case scenario to call them Central-Europaeans – term which does not exist in reality. Should I remind all CZ people here that Czechoslovakia belonged to Eastern Block geo-politically, which is why Czechs are also Eastern-Europaeans + being Slavic. Maybe Czechs would prefer to be completely erased from the world map and call themselves Germans – would this help feeling better about your own national identity? But they also hate Germans for being richer then them. Funny no? In this regard, Croats for example are more Western then Czechs since EX-YU never was in Eastern block and was more open to influence of the West (Side thought: Croats are actually more progressive in their mind then Czechs, most former-YU is, the only thing which ruined the progress was the war). If all foreigners would leave and foreign companies would move out, step out of EU, stop getting EU funding – Czech Republic would become the poorest country in Europe, worse then Ukraine or Moldavia financially… I simphathize with Anon, truth is I left CZ the first moment I could, due to all reasons listed. I regret for not doing it much sooner. Always asking myself, why? It is funny, they do stick together even if this goes against the healthy reason. I once said to my Czech colleague how rude waiters in pubs are – her reply was that the reason is that they are badly payed. Haha – please visit I don’t know, Poland for example – not payed much more and still more polite.

        • Actually, we don’t like to be called West either (is that your ego thinking we want to be like you?) The reason we don’t like being called Eastern Europe is actually because of the disdain that comes with it when said by a westerner. When anyone to the west of us says Eastern Europe, they pretty much mean uneducated lowlife + oppressing Russia. (Try to disprove this.) There are some pretty poor people in the East, living what we would say a medieval life, dry toilets, no electricity, growing their own food. This starts at some places of Ukraine and Belarus if I’m not mistaken. These people are looked down upon by westerners (and some of us, too). Now, let’s take a biography lesson and look at the map. There is a gap between Germany and Ukraine, huh, weird. There are some countries in the gap, whoa. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. We are not west but we have infrastructure, water, canalization, healthcare (very often deemed better than those of most of western countries), education, better student appartments than Britain (because all have hot water) we have shopping malls and fastfood chains that are a sign of development for so many, we made some life changing discoveries such as genetics or contact lenses. We are the ones who save the whole Germany from a blackout when the winds are blowing too much and their network can’t take it – as we have a pumping water plant that can take the load withing five minutes.

          We and the other 3 countries have a shared history that is different from the countries to the East AND to the West. We’re neither. We are CENTRAL EUROPE. Putting us in the same bag with the East is insulting because it means that you think we still use candles to see at home. Calling us West is more accepted because since most westerners see just Black and White (West and East), it means they are at least puting us on the better side. But if you think we adore West, you’re mistaken. We do not share the crazy liberal and multicultural opinions – since the Russian occupancy slowed our developement down, we were able to see mistakes of the west before doing the same.

          • Disdain comes from nacizm and rasism, so widely spread over the world. Geographical and geopolitical terms are as they are. What you just wrote demonstrates a huge low self esteem of Czechs as a nation. At the same time the same nation as I mentioned before “spits” on other nations Czechs considered “lower” or more primitive then them, due to a need to prove your own worthiness over some other nations back. To me this looks the same as Western Europaeans are doing to you Czechs. No? Furthermore all that you mentioned exists in most countries in Eastern Europe I think, electricity, running water, canalisation and so on, to bigger or smaller extent. And believe it or not Ukraine and Belorussia you mentioned also have their fair share of famous scientists, but I never heard Ukranian trying to prove to other people they have toilets?! What I want to say is that you just proved my complete point when I wrote about “nazi elements” in Czech national mentality, and low-self esteem always trying to prove they are not “Eastern Europaeans”. When will Czechs learn, you are not better then Ukranians or Russians or whomever there is, nor you are worse. You are as you are. Kick out all foreign companies, leave EU, return all EE investments and then prove how much you can do – alone.

          • “Calling us West is more accepted”?! But you do not belong to the West, why would anyone call you Western? Because you see “West” as a nice peacock with beautiful feathers, so seeing yourself as a chicken, you want to put some peacock feathers and pretend you actually are a peacock? It is totally ridiculous. CZ people are called tomato tourists in Croatia and former YU (not that I approve this) being know for their low spending capacity, even “carrying tomatoes” from CZ with them when going for a holiday. God help me what load on nonsense you wrote, sorry but you did. Just proved everything bad, people are writing here about CZ and it’s people. “Putting us in the same bag with the East is insulting because it means that you think we still use candles to see at home.” Where did you get the idea there is no electricity in EE? So, according to you, there is no electricity in Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Russia…we all are just some tribes compared to Noble and Aristocratic Czechs…being in the same bag with Ukranians and Russians and Croats and Slovaks and Hungarians and Polish…is insulting? They all worth less then Czechs, according to you? Have you traveled in your life at all???? Do you use Google and Wikipedia for education?
            As mentioned, if Czechs are not so ridiculously cowerdlish and pitiful creatures, they would be worse then Nazis in older times. It is terrible and utterly hidious! Sorry if I am insulting you, but I am not sorry. Third Reich member would not comment better!

          • ”Since the Russian occupancy slowed our development down, we were able to see mistakes of the west before doing the same.” To do what the same? You are comparing CZ history with Western colonialism and imperialism and import of foreign labor due to which today there is more tolerance to multiculturality – you are comparing this history with CZ history, even writing you are not going to make that “mistake”? Which mistake? Owning India, Algeria or Congo? Shiping slaves over the ocean…? How CZ history relates to this? Have you ever heard for the term Eastern Block? Google it to see which countries were in it. Russian occupancy slowed your development down? Although I imagine why someone would not want to be occupied by Russia (I really do), you do realize there would be NO Czechs without this occupancy, today? That you could call yourself German instead. Poland as well. Something tells me Polish people would not like this, but Czechs apparently would, no? Well, who knows, do not despare, maybe in next World War (irony alert). It is terrible what you write, you do not even realize it. Terrible. And very, very limited.

      • Just get over it, Milos. You ARE Eastern European Slavs, same as Russians, Bulgarians or Polish, just with national peculiarities – some pleasant, some not very much so. Anyone from outside the region cannot tell your facial features from those of Serbs, your language from Ukrainian, and your architecture from Polish. You are nothing like Germans, or Austrians, or French, or British, or Dutch or even the Finns 🙂 Nothing in your culture (except for country music, surprisingly), or mentality, or national dress, or cuisine, is related to Western Europe, unlike, say, Austria, which is even more to the East. The more you deny it, the more comical it looks to someone from abroad. You should learn to have a true national pride and get rid of the inferiority complex. The Poles and Lithuanians did it, I’m sure you can manage as well.

    • I live close to the Polish border, and when I first got here it was the Czechs who insisted that the Polish are shit people, of low intelligence and all their merchandise proves this.

      For this very reason I did not explore Poland. I just took their word for it. Only this last year I’ve been into Poland a lot. And I can now see Poland is actually a much more developed country than Czech.

      It’s far more westernised, and the people are genuinely more polite.

      Even the girls seem to have actual personalities.

      If I could turn back the clock I would have never come to this god forsaken country, instead would have opted for Poland.

      • All the Polish people I’ve met are very kind. Yet, most Czechs have never really met any, but what they encounter are some really bad quality products they export here (toys and accessories for Children made of toxic material, “chocolate” that is just a fat dyed to brown, I think I recall some fruits or vegetables full of some chemicals or something). Also, the Northern borders are well known for Polish gangs that steal cars and sell them for components. My sister had a discouraging experience with their infrastructure when traveling there. If this is all you know of Polish people, well, you won’t like them and won’t recommend them. Just like the shallow experience of the people here (coming from Prague mostly) makes all of you judge the whole nation.

        (Then again, Germans create illegal dumps in our land, near the borders, often with very toxic elements. Austrians come to protest against our nuclear plants, block roads etc., yet 20% of their energy they buy from us, there is this HUGE wiring “highway” coming from one of our nuclear plants riiight in the direction of Vienna 🙂 I mean, every country has something. But we export to Germany a lot and Austria is a vacation destination so there are some possitives to tip the scales. Not for Poland though, not many Czechs ever go there.)

  34. So you all hate us not because of high ratio of murders, robberies, religious warfare or any kind of oppression against particular group of people. But just because of we are not as warm and we do not smile!!! Come on it is absurd!!!!

      • Most of us in the comments are foreigners, i.e. we’ve experienced more cultures than the average closed-minded Czech.

        What the complaints are saying is Czechs are rude DESPITE us being polite, not in return to us ‘treating them like shit’.

        • It depends where you come from. If you are a sunshine liberal from US or Canada, facing Czechs must be a punch in your face. Experiencing other cultures doesn’t make you entitled to judge ours.

          You can, say, rate it. But not judge. It is a result of years and years of history, a history you hardly know and will always be able to just see from outside. While with us, it has shaped our mentality in a way we hardly understand ourselves. I myself am still trying to reasonably figure out where does this bitterness of our people come from exactly. So don’t you think you can just come here and JUDGE. 🙂

  35. czech anti-islam protestors = parents with daughters that work as escorts and young people with divorced parents

    czech pro-islam = fat people

    better improve your daily lives and don’t think of this stuff to often

  36. If there is a national trait that Czechs 15 years of age and over share, it is the lack of tact and humility. I have traveled the world extensively and lived in many countries. Currently I am in Lebanon and I can tell you that people here are warmer than Czechs. People everywhere (but Russia, maybe, and the V4 area) are warmer and kinder to each other. A random stranger can give you a smile in the streets of Beirut; a thing extremely rare in Prague or even in the rural Czech Republic. But above all (and this is why foreigners cannot really judge the Czech mentality in its entirety), Czechs are the rudest to other Czechs (the moment they must switch to another language, they are not so self-assured and conceited, and this puts many small minds in a better shape). It’s as if they derived pleasure from putting people down (and this starts with kids at school). Not everyone is like that, but the trait is discernible. It is a product of a sad history of this country (just look at the 20th century), the “smalldom” and lack of exposure of a Czech human, and the fact that we Czechs as a society are a bit “en retard”. Things are improving, however, and the toxic generations are slowly dying out, which I look at with encouragement.

    • I think you would be the happiest if we Czechs were genocided. Fortunatelly it wont happen. Jsme jací jsme, jiní nebudeme a komu se to nelíbí, ať si prdel políbí!!!

      • Miloši, prosimtě, teď si tak říkám, že akorát tak krásně potvrzuješ celý tento článek. Zkus se prosím chovat jako lepší člověk. Děkuji.

        • Ty jsi taky Čech, nezapomeň. Nenávidí nás kolektivně jako národ (přečti si komentáře, chtějí nás vybombardovat, apod.). Takže i Ty jsi objektem jejich nenávisti. Nebo si snad myslíš, že čechofobie je OK?

  37. With all the negativity toward Czechs on this board, I think it is in place for a different perspective from a foreigner living in Prague and having traveled most of CZ. I came to Prague to study almost fours years ago. Initially I was supposed to stay 6 month. 6 month became 2 years. Then my studies ended, and I am still here. I do not have a Czech partner, I do not have Czech family, and I work as a freelancer for an American company (although I am European), which means I can live and work everywhere in the world. In other words I choose to live here, and why? Because I love it here. I love the country, I love Prague and… now we are on the subject… I love the people. I am learning the language and now speak it well enough to get by and speak to friends. So are Czech people rude in my opinion? No. There will be the occasional frown in the bank or at the post office, sure, but the same thing is to be found in any other country, including my own, So I am surprised that foreigners seem this negative toward the Czechs. I wonder if it’s because they stick to expat communities? Do they actually socialize with the Czechs? Do they show interest in the country, the language and the people, or do they threat the country like America, Russia or where ever it is they are from? Rudeness attracts rudeness, people, and so far Czechs have only been friendly and welcoming to me… 🙂

    • I am going to have to disagree with your comment ” Rudeness attracts rudeness “. I have traveled around the world since I was 4 yrs old and have been an expat of 9 countries for the last 34 yrs. I travel 5 times a year to Eastern and Central European countries due to business / work….but also, because I love the culture and history so much of these areas. Out of all the places I have visited in Europe, the Czechs are the rudest and coldest bunch. Case in point :
      * I smile and say a polite ” good evening ” to a senior citizen and she looked right at me, moved on, without saying a word.
      * I stand quietly in line and get yelled at by the grocer’s bc I was not ” quick ” enough to put my groceries on the right side of the counter.
      * I get condescending attitudes from the young ladies in here ( and I am a woman ) for no reason.

      The only reason I can think of is that they might not like Asian people. I am an Asian woman who was brought up in Europe and North America. I am polite, warm, jovial and work very hard at my profession. I am highly educated and I don’t push / shove / or show rude behaviour towards anyone as they might expect how ” Asians behave ” ( judging from the throngs of tourists from China, Korea or Japan ). I am VERY different from these types of tourists…and yet, I still get the rudeness.

      It’s a shame to say : Czech is the ONLY country in my travels where I love the physical country and cities MORE than my experiences with the people….and I have been a global traveler for most of my life.

      • “I smile and say a polite ” good evening ” to a senior citizen” .. senior citizens don’t speak english, so no wonder
        “I stand quietly in line and get yelled at by the grocer’s bc I was not ” quick ” enough to put my groceries on the right side of the counter”…. may be because you wasn’t quick enough to put your groceries on the right side of the counter

      • That old lady might’ve just not understood (if you said that in english). Other thing you must take in account is that the said lady experienced communism and might as well be a supporter of it (most supporters of the communist party are now the old people). And her reasons might be well justified. Just imagine, she was brought up in some way, learned to be a worker in a factory of sorts – in a country where workers were ranked higher and paid more than judges. Then all this got completly switched, her job qualification got the lowest paygrade or it was not neccessary at all. Perhaps she spent her last years before pension working on the worst possible position, watching the judges being paid a fortune and other people who adopted capitalism faster stealing money from the poor (we’ve had several cases of massive frauds of this kind in the early years after communism). So she might’ve simply seen the bad capitalism in every foreigner.

        So yeah, her story can be pretty complex and to judge a country based on a quiet reaction of a person you know nothing about, that’s not ok, is it?

        As for the grocery person, that was unpolite and inexcusable and would make me angry, too. Then again, that’s why I avoid shops in the center of Prague and in Prague generally, unless in some peripheral districts. There are different rules it is all very focused on making as much money as possible from the tourism which might actually hurt the employees, too (their employers might be assholes).

        And since you travel so much, have you ever been to Brno? People here often base their experience on Prague and they hardly come out of the “tourist shell”. Brno is a students’ city and also a culinary capital of the country, full of young people, also foreign students and many foreign employees (at least in IT) and whenever I come in contact with those, they seem to be enjoying themselves a lot. Plus the fact that most foreigners here are not tourists but they study/work here makes the perception of foreigners by locals a bit different. There are not many tourists here and those that come praise the fact that they can actually experience a city inhabited by locals. Perhaps you would get a different taste here.

        (P.S.: We have a decent minority of Vietnamese people here and from my experience the youngs get along very well with Czechs. The older people, however, might have their opinion influenced by the fact that the parents of these young Vietnamese have often been importing and selling low quality and cheap clothing and merchandise from China, including many fake brands. Often to make enough money for their children, yup but there are some rich family gangs here as well. My community of friends actually loves Asians and Asia cultures a lot, including seeing them as beauty paragons :))

      • OK, I agree on most of your points (and Slovaks are just as rude I found Hungarians much nicer than both), but are you implying that it’s OK for women to be condescending towards men:

        “condescending attitudes from the young ladies in here ( and I am a woman)”

  38. I am a czech women so I totally disagree with Gregory as he called the Czech Republic a pimp nation. Men care here, I can compare Czech men with Germans. They don´t bringing flower any helping with luggages but they don´t treat women badly. Young Czech girls are very nice, open to people, smiling. Foreginer men usually love Czech girls a lot. Maybe for some DUMBS this means we are open to everything. Then it´s something wrong with their mind set.

    I agree with czech rudeness, they live like that, they don´t know that being nice and polite exist as well. Noone has ever learnt them this. So they think it´s normal. I experienced the same, traveling opened my eyes and heart. So now I am unhappy here as well. That doesn´t mean it´s ok. We can hope young generation will make it better.

    And also I considered that from this website is becoming “Hate and Humilitaite” Czechs. Come on, now you behave the same like those rude Czechs.

    In every nation we meet nice people and as well idiots.

    • Agree with you….

      1 point: traveling opened my eyes and heart. Thats pretty good.
      2 point: this website is becoming “Hate and Humilitaite” Czechs…..No agree at all, its just opinions like in other sites, for example if u put in google: why are czech so rude, u will find “nearly 3.530.000 result (0,76 seconds)…thats means a lot. http://www.expats.cz same issue…expats said” czech are a crap”. Ok not all of them…like in all the world, but czech people have the record in bad behaviour…..even doing business at high level dear….Im not going to put here details.

      In my experience, travelllig CZ I find nice and good places like in everywhere….but when u put the good and the bad, more than 80% are bad behaviour and rudness….maybe cause like u see here there is a lot of them still living in the past, the germans,the russians,etc,etc,etc.

      or more tipicall example of the czech stupidity that u can find here in this site its : So dispiti living hiri as an ixpit, Czech is not wirth wisting yi timi…..only ignorants said that.
      Its not a site Czech haters, its a site that people probe the point: Češi celkově jsou nesmírně vyčůraný a egoistický národ. Bohužel, to je realita.

      why are czech so rude, “nearly 3.530.000 result (0,76 seconds).!!!!!!

      • Andres, you said “if u put in google: why are czech so rude, u will find “nearly 3.530.000 result (0,76 seconds)…thats means a lot.” Well, it seems it does not mean much actually. Such a proof by google search seems to be quite uninformative.

        What I get when I google a bit:
        why are czechs so rude
        893,000 results (0.37 seconds)

        why are french so rude
        1,040,000 results (0.63 seconds)

        why are germans so rude
        810,000 results (0.76 seconds)

        why are british so rude
        1,060,000 results (0.68 seconds)

        why are poles so rude
        3,100,000 results (0.77 seconds)

        why are russians so rude
        7,110,000 results (0.80 seconds)

        why are slovaks so rude
        3,300,000 results (0.88 seconds)

      • Vit did not say “dispiti living hiri as an ixpit, Czech is not wirth wisting yi timi”. Vit said “despite living here as an expat, Czech is not worth wasting your time”. Why do you use such awful demagogy as argument? Maybe because you are demagog.
        By the way you are quite classical example of “I am not racist / antisemite / any other hater but”.
        If you so hate us when you are planing to leave our country? I think it would be the best for all.

      • Yes, you´re completely right. At that moment I was thinking about my friends and Czech normal nice people I know. So I was little bit touched. Today I had a long way by train. Have enough. I am so sorry about this country, but not gonna save it, in few days moving to France and hopefully forever. But as I said, young people are getting better, so hopefully one day this will be place from where will people leave with nice memories. I deeply hope 😉

  39. To all anti-Czech haters:

    Do you think that Germans deserved to be hated collectively in 1945 because of Hitler and nacism? Do you think that British deserved hatred in 1902 because of concentration camps for Boers who just defended their freedom? Do you think that Spaniards should be hated in 16th century because of genocide of Indians in Caribean and South America? Of course no of these nations should be hated as collectives. Even though in the case of Germans in 1945 there were surely many (if not most) people in East and West who hated Germans and who wished Germany to be eliminated (do you know Morgenthau plan?) but now majority of reasonable people are aware that this was terribly wrong. So do you think that it is justifiable to hate Czechs not because there are many war criminals or mass murderers among them but just because many of them are rude (by the way: rudeness is NOT crime).

    I bet you or any of these morally superior foreigners in this forum would condemn any sign of islamophobia even if this sentiment would be justified by the obvious fact that many terrorist attack are carried out by muslims (for your information: I do not support islamophobia). But why the hell you defend czechophobia just because of many Czechs are rude? Do you think that hatred against Czechs is exception from hatecrime?

    • That’s the problem with you people, always living in the past, chewing a-hundred-year grudges long irrelevant. (The Austrians, the Germans, the Russians, the Communists…) Get over it!
      This grandma rants about the past is one of the long lists of things why you are all so unbearable to the rest of the world.

      • The gist of my comment was not about living in past.
        I just said that anti-Czech hate is no less inacceptable than any other hate! Anti-Czech hate is no exception from hatecrime! This is what I said.

      • All I said was that anti-Czech hate is no less inacceptable than any other hate! Anti-Czech hate is no exception from hatecrime! You should at least read more carefully what I said.

  40. I am a Czech. I am from Prague and I quite often encounter foreign tourists who ask me for direction etc. I always help them as good as I can. So I presume not every Czech is a priori rude to foreigners.

    What shocked me here in this forum is almost universal rudeness to Czechs. Majority of you called us idiots or other RUDE names. You even told that we are not a nation or that the Czech republic shouldnt exist. Most of you told that Prague would be beautiful city without Czechs. Do you realize that virtually the same way of thinking was practiced by Hitler or Heydrich?

    I in my humble opinion would say that we Czechs are as human beings as you foreigners. There are some nice people and some idiots in all around the world. So we Czechs have no collective guilt for being rude. And by the way do you think that the best way for combating alleged Czech rudeness is to profess anti-Czech rudeness or even anti-Czech racism. Just imagine if the same you said about Czech would be said about Jews. Or about blacks or Asians? And yes it is entirelly possible to be in Israel and to have some appalling experience with local people. But just because of this you shouldnt be anti-Semite. So why do you think that just because of some not so pleasant experiences you are entitled to be anti-Czech?

    And by the way do you realize that the respect must come from the both sides? Do you really think that most foreigners in the Czech republic behave with politeness and respect to local culture?

    • You guys have the hatred well-earned. Don’t give us some sanctimonious lecture, please.
      Czechs say worse things of anyone who isn’t Czech. Geez, I have even heard Czechs going bitter rants about Slovaks!
      People from here hate Germans because they’re jealous of them. Hate Russians because your grandma does, hate Americans and Brits just because you all are allergic to a few English words, hate blacks, latinos, asians and muslims because they’re “not Western”… oh and also because you’re all so Western (“Brnu is mir wistirn din Vienni iz”)…
      I could go and on, and on.

      • No nation on the Earth ever deserved to be collectively hated. Or you want to say that EVERY Czech is rude towards foreigners or that Czechs are genetically predisposed to be rude? It´s nonsense of course. I for myself am Czech and neither me nor my family nor my friends did anything bad to foreigners! So why do I deserve hatred from you? Because I am Czech?!

        Do you think that Germans deserved to be hated collectively in 1945 because of Hitler and nacism? Do you think that British deserved hatred in 1902 because of concentration camps for Boers who just defended their freedom? Do you think that Spaniards should be hated in 16th century because of genocide of Indians in Caribean and South America? Of course no of these nations should be hated as collectives. Even though in the case of Germans in 1945 there were surely many (if not most) people in East and West who hated Germans and who wished Germany to be eliminated (do you know Morgenthau plan?) but now majority of reasonable people are aware that this was terribly wrong. So do you think that it is justifiable to hate Czechs not because there are many war criminals or mass murderers among them but just because many of them are rude (by the way: rudeness is NOT crime).

        I bet you or any of these morally superior foreigners in this forum would condemn any sign of islamophobia even if this sentiment would be justified by the obvious fact that many terrorist attack are carried out by muslims (for your information: I do not support islamophobia). But why the hell you defend czechophobia just because of many Czechs are rude? Do you think that hatred against Czechs is exception from hatecrime?

      • You are either a very narrow-minded person or you have had a very very bad luck meeting bad people. But I kinda think it’s the first option. No one, who has a shed of good will to be objective, would say what you just said.

        I’ve never met any Czech who would hate Germans out of jealousy. Those who want their german salary move there and oh, how much the Germans welcome them, especially doctors and dentists. I still encounter people who hate Germany for our history with them, namely the Nazis. Can’t blame them, but also this is almost exclusively a case with older people. Young people think it’s in history and now is now. Lately we dislike Germany because we disagree with Merkel’s refugee politics that she tries to impose on us, too.

        Why people here hate Russia? Because we have some communism and occupation history with them, surprise. Also, they never came out as a peaceful country. Look what they did to Ukraine and Crymea. They still pose a threat and if they decided to take us again, we would never be able to defend ourselves (even if we increased money put in armed forces). Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland… all these countries can be scared of the Russian threat and we can’t? Wow, what logic. Plus, if youve ever been to Karlovy Vary, you’d see that Russian high class practically colonized that spa town. Russian titles come before Czech and that is not right.

        Never in my life have I met anyone allergic to Britain and America becuase of english.

        These things you say just plainly demonstrate that you’ve never even tried to understand this country. You probably just came and expected to be adapted to instead of adapting yourself – just like most western countries now force locals to adapt to newcomers instead newcomers adapt to locals.

    • You guys have the hatred well-earned. Don’t give us some sanctimonious lecture, please.
      Czechs say worse things of anyone who isn’t Czech. Geez, I have even heard Czechs going on bitter rants about Slovaks!
      People from here hate Germans because they’re jealous of them. Hate Russians because your grandma does, hate Americans and Brits just because you all are allergic to a few English words, hate blacks, latinos, asians and muslims because they’re “not Western”… oh and also because you’re all so Western (“Brnu is mir wistirn din Vienni iz”)…
      I could go and on, and on.

      • First of all, all I see is YOUR hatred toward Czechs. A typical western hypocrisy and “full of shit” projecting mindset. Second, you came here ,you are obliged to speak our language, not vice versa. With all your arrogance no surprise people give you “special faces”. And the last, if you hate Czechs, there is a solution : pack your bags and gtfo. Czech people do not owe you anything.

        • That’s how natives solve any minor criticism. “If yee dyn’t lyk it jyst lyv.
          My company sent me here. And I DO speak your retarded language. I’m European and Europe is my home and nobody can tell me to leave elsewhere. So, shove it, Czechie

          • we are not obliged to tolerate your bs because “you were sent to work here”, it’s irrelevant
            “nobody can tell me to leave elsewhere” .. if a QUEST tells something like that, he’s a problem no matter of what’s going on
            that’s why so many westerners are completely full of shit with this super-arrogant mentality

          • Baroi remember….Češi jsou ve své většině prazvláštní národ. Takovej předposranej, divnej, udavačskej, závistivej 😀 😀

            “If yee dyn’t lyk it jyst lyv. 😀 😀 its the only can shw you this retarded people 😀

            • You are either self-hater or anticzech racist. If you treat us Czechs like a shit, what do you except in return?

  41. Well Im married with a czech woman…Im very happy cause SHE IS NORMAL!!!

    This country its a hell, people are RUDE+ IGNORANTS, I know a lot of places, countries,etc,etc…..but living here its a shit, people are retards, the most complete assholes in the world, very manipulative people that believe all in the TV :-D…Im fighting each day with this kind of assholes, unpolite, stupid, arogants, but poor arogants cause dont have a fucking cent. Well looking for a job 2 years and planning to move out from this shit with my familly, I dont really want that my 2 princess will grow up in this stupid country….I see im not the only one…but here you will fnd only troubles and shit.
    Something that I learn…Never be polite, be rude, try them like shit and they will love you…..

    Really hate this countrie and this people.

    • Andres, how long time do you live here? How well can you speak Czech? Do you follow conversation of the locals with ease, can you express yourself appropriately in a given situation? You do not need to be fluent. I have some colleagues, Russians, British, who can speak Czech well enough so that the locals do not feel any strain when communicating with them. And these people are just fine, they are pretty well integrated. Mastering of Czech language on a reasonable level is essential if one wants to live here for a longer term. I lived three years abroad and I felt obliged to learn Spanish as quickly as possible (I have DELE now), to show respect to the locals at least. If an expat living here for a longer term cannot speak Czech well enough and is complaining that the people are rude, I think he should be critical about himself first.

      • Just for ur info…..mluvím lepší než ty…..im not going to lost time with u ur czech…..en fin socio, tu opinión retardada de que tienes Dele, es muy graciosa….yo hablo fluido 5 idiomas con diploma de alto nivel y otros 3 sin diplomas….the difference its that u return to ur mom crying from spain and i have here an empire….live with that ….vole

        • This is the reason we are maybe not so friendly to foreigners. You come here and behave like a superior race. Why do you expect that we will treat you whit friendliness when you treat us like dirt?

          • By the way, Andrés, your Czech is quite crappy. You even cant put together three words without error. Which wouldnt mind if you were not at the same time such fuckin anti-Czech hater. You would chat with Hitler, Goebbels or Heydrich if they lived. You have much in common regarding to your anti-Czech hate.

          • Miloši, dobře ty! Ať se jdou vycpat, když jim nejsme dost dobří… 😀 Já mám cizince ráda, především Angličany, ale tihleti jsou evidentně krapet opoždění ve svém myšlení 😉

        • OK, Andres. So despite living here as an expat, Czech is not worth wasting your time. And you are complaining about the locals, when you show this level of disrespect to their culture (you can hardly enter Czech culture without mastering the language well enough)….

          You are complaining about the rudeness of Czechs. Just read your posts again. Let the others here on the forum judge themselves who is offensive and rude here.

          (btw, your Czech writing is not correct, and I was not in Spain.)

    • Totally agree with you. I am living in The Czech Republic now for over one year and never ever met so rude ignorant people. They are just chilling in their little republic and do not give a shit about anybody that is a foreigner. They took the benefits from the European Union and international companies establishing there but want to stay nationalistic Czech at the same time. In the meantime they spit on Ukrainians which are way better and open minded people than them. Just because their country is a little closer to the EU they could join just because we have pity for them. The currency of the crown is very bad only because these people are lazy alcoholics. When you go to the hospital here and do not have a Czech permit they only help you when your life is in danger else no way. Of course I met the occasional friendly Czech but most of them are just plain rude and dont even speak English which is ridiculous in this modern age. The conclusion is they are just shocked when they meet a foreigner and realize that there is a world outside the Kozel Refucklick. We even have a word for them which is KOZELS. It should be widely used from now. Im leaving this shit place soon and hope they bomb it to the ground.

      • Official and majority language in the Czech republic is Czech. Deal with it. It is not sign of rudeness when we dont speak another language than Czech. By the way why the hell do you expect for us to treat you with smile when you treat us like dirt?

        • Not speaking English does not have anything to do with being rude or not. What he wanted to say is that people live really closed in their own minds and society as if the Iron Curtain is still there. It’s going so far that even learning the most typical foreign language used in international comunication appears to be too much. I lived in CZ for 2+ years. Many things there were really nice, but soooo many bad ones. Most people here with their negative comments are right. I come from Serbia – summary: 10 years of UN sanctions, industry destroyed (will not go into reasons, but simply analyze the outcome), bombing by NATO…my brother who never left Serbia and has only high school education speaks English almost as I do, and I do speak very well. Better then many University profesors in CZ. Atmosphere in the country is not communistic, people have common logics even when things do not work – not in Czech Republic. What is ridiculous is that my perception before I will come to CZ was that it must be better-of then Serbia and it is, but not better-off enough, conidering all historical facts and opportunities, especially in the past 30 years. If CZ would left EU and foreign companies would move out, people would be poorer then in Serbia. However, Czech people think it is ok to “spit on” Ukranians and Slovaks for example – I am wondering who thought the Czechs to be fasists? Germans in old times? “We learned Slovaks to eat with spoon and knife”. Seriously? Foreign police – nobody speaks English, they yeal at you – was seriously thinking to report this to some institution of human rights… 20 years ago Czech women were desperately looking for foreigner to marry to escape the hard life, and today when the tables turned a bit – let’s walk over others in bad situation. This is most disguisting of all. “Superior Slavic nation” – should I comment on this at all? Rude, non-logical, xenophobic, closed-minded, envious. Czechs in power- asholes to the point of no belief. And to finalize – so much fear and hatered to almost everybody else. Czechs are afraid of their shadow. No stamina, no integrity, no fight against the all odds – most just bend as the wind blows – and comment to their beard how strong they are when they are actually just behaving as cowards. I apologize to all decent Czech people for this, but simply this is my opinion about the general “feeling in the air”. Individuals are off course something different. Visit please, it is beautiful and affordable – don’t go to live there – you will be struck by the reality that most people on this page write about.

          • Bravo!
            Once in Budapest, some Czech colleague decided to join us (30 years of age and never ventured to that side of the border surprisingly). He even noticed how shitty the Czechs attitude is compared to the more “normal” and easy-going outlook of the Hungarians, despite having the same background.
            In his words [sic]: “Can’t believe they smile so much, I’m not used to it. They had communism same as us, lived under the same conditions”.

            • If somebody do not smile, you hate him? If so, it proves that you are total idiot!

              The whole stuff that we deserve to be hated not because we are war criminals (as is the case of former Yugoslavia) or religious fanatics (as is the case of most of the middle east), not because it would be dangerous to walk down the street of any Czech city (in fact the Czech republic is one of the safest countries of the world) but because we do not smile, is totally ludicrous!!!

              • It is not because “Czechs do not smile”. And I think the word “hate” is to harsh. The reality is that Czech people are in general quite rude and nasty when communicating with others, which can really leave you emotionally scarred. If you live there, you need to deal with this every single day (no exceptions, except if you live isolated from everybody around) – this is simply who CZ people are. Bureaucracy is also insane. Of course, there are many nice and kind people in CZ, but the problem is – if 5 out of 10 are very rude, envious, nasty and sabotaging for no reason at all – that is enough to spoil the day for everybody. Day after day, month after month…and you end up on this blog, looking for a way to heal your soul until you finally leave the Czech Republic for a greener pastries. This was no discussion about the war criminals of former YU, but about how difficult it can be to live in CZ due to nasty people all around. I gave an example of wars in YU just to prove the point that even being 10 years in total isolation from the rest of the world – people still speak better English then Czechs for example. People of former YU are depressed much less, are more warm and more kind and polite, less xenophobic, more welcoming. It is not easy to accept the critics for your own nation, we all have something. But as for CZ I would recommend – go there only if you are really desperate to go from whereever you are now – otherwise, just choose for other country or visit as a tourist or on a short term. Living in beautiful and big city like Prague can also maybe compensate for people being nasty, but that depends from person to person.

                • Only after reading these posts I realized that there is a strict code of conduct in our society, very different from western one. We have a high trust society here so nobody cares how people behave ,or that they don’t smile, because there is no threat from them as our society is non-violent. Even if people are in personal conflict 99 out of 100 it end just with words.
                  While in the west with their low trust society full of 3rd worlders and simpletons who act violently because of bs reasons, people are literally forced to have those fake social smiles .. those “good slave” smiles,haha. Because in the west if somebody looks like he has a bad day, everybody around him becomes paranoid and scared.
                  And second, our society is equalitarian , nobody takes shit from anybody here , while in the west once somebody gets into position of power (rich, politicians,famous, etc), he should shit on peoples heads 24/7 and they still smile at him like a slaves they are. People in the west literally have a slave mentality, that’s why the west is going to hell. It would not be possible here for some politician/talking head to spit on us or our ancestors and get away with it.

                  • Sorry, but I would not agree. In the West everybody might need to behave to a strict code “faking” of an open mind, for the company to function with no problems and bring profit – rules of capitalism. However, CZ society is not of big trust society. It is indeed very peaceful – one of its amazing features, but keep in mind that words DO mean a lot. And even a fake politeness when faced on every day basis is better then rudeness and nastiness every single day. I am sure of it, since now I can compare. Other countries have people more kind then Czechs – Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Slovenia…all former communism countries. And all of the mentioned are more open-minded then Czechs and just more kind. Main reason for CZ being so peacefull is that Czech people simply cannot stand “waves” if this is going to disturbe their every day life. This is like a tree bending every time the wind blows – which is fine, but not always. And this is the reason for ugly terms such as “pimp nation”. You really have an impression that Czechs would “sell anything” just to avoid conflict – including dignity, pride, women… Somebody told me CZ is tolerant to gay people. No – Czechs simply do not have enough energy to care. So it appears that it is tolerant, when it is not. This is why CZ is so peacefull as well. As for slavery – reconsider please. Why IBM moved to CZ? To pay CZ people 700 EUR instead 3000 in, lets say Germany. Puts a bit of perspective on slavery idea, doesn’t it? The advantage is you will not have to hear an Austrian guy making bad jokes on Slavic account – but you will also not have an Austrian salary – so choose what suits you more. (World we all live in, unfortunatelly) And for the so called “third worldlers” you mention (term I do not acknowledge since it is rasistic and nacistic in its core), Czechs belong to this so called third world as well. Come please, to North or Western Europe to learn. I will repeat again: “Who thought Czechs to be even bigger nazis then the nazis were themselves? Germans in old times? Where did the nation learn to hate?”. Sometimes I think, Czechs would actually behave the same as Nazis in the past, but they lacked one very important feature – courage, and one they had in surplus – inferiority complex.

          • By the way you didnt read that “Luc” said: “Im leaving this shit place soon and hope they bomb it to the ground.”. In other words he wanted to genocide us!!! Tell him about Hitler (or Heydrich) you dumbass!!! Sorry but if somebody stood up for someone who want to eradicate the whole nation just because majority of this nation dont smile, such person IS dumbass!!!!

            • I think you should not take it that personally. The comment about bombing is overexagerated, obviously written by somebody who came to this website extremelly frustrated (to which I can totally relate). The truth is you will find these kind of web-pages for other countries as well. Foreigners always complain and just need a place to do this to feel better. To Czechs who read this I would advise to “men up” and stop thinking about your own nation as an inferior to whomever. You are who you are. Be proud for never having slaves for example, while most of the West is built on slavery. There is no need to prove to anybody that “CZ is more western then Vienna”. Yes, geographically, but geopolitically it belonged to the “Eastern block”. So what? Yes, West is more developed, but so what? No need to get the complex of inferiority or allow anybody to push it on you, and especially no need to humiliate others (Ukranians and Slovaks for example) to fell better, just because you have Austria in the neighboroughood. They owe their progress a lot to the world wars and free labor back then. And also to the conquering mentality. Just being more curageous would automatically mean less envy, nasty behaviour and rudeness. Life is good in CZ now as well, no need to be pissed on everybody around, foreigners included. And foreigners do add a lot to CZ, mainly good things – more diversity, companies, money, jobs, openness. Be gratefull for that. Imagine what would happen now if all foreigners stop coming to CZ and all foreign companies move out. Just imagine and you will realize the truth.

    • I am always polite and 90% of the time it works well. The 10% are an expected count of jerks that live everywhere. If I smile and don’t get a smile back, I just shrug and forget it as I have done nothing wrong. I don’t take every unhappy person I meet personally. I don’t need (often fake) smiles everywhere to feel content. I have my family and friends to have a good time with. The other people have their lives and it’s up to them to work it through to happiness.

      So either you do something wrong or your perception and expectation of politeness is different from how we see it here and then I can’t help you. You sure have the right to have your children raised among people you deem worthy. Then again, you might be running back here in few years after religious minorities will suddenly become majorities in where you move to. People from Neatherlands already run here. And many British tourists say they feel more at home during their visit in Prague than in Britain. So, yeah.

      Our perceived-as-unwelcoming attitude might eventually become our salvage as not many people want to move here to get themselves a better life. So we stay here with our own mess to solve, not adding all the multicultural issues of adaptation, racism etc.

  42. Mihai Deaku on

    I was looking for an explanation and I have found your post. Great job. I am sorry to say I had also found rudeness and even racism. I just spent a 12 days vacation in Prague.I am sorry. I can say for a fact I’ll never ever visit Czech Republic. Rude people everywhere, hotel, markets, shops, bars. I haven’t been only in Centrum. People are plain rude. Ask for a direction? Worst mistake. In a bar? If you don’t express intention to eat, they don’t have seats. This was great!!! I have bought tickets to Smetana Hall. Two tickets for the same seat. Drama to get money back…sorry Prague, I have trusted you…full disapointment. 1st of Jan fireworks? What a joke!!! So many disapointed people.

  43. Czech people are rude. And racist. I don’t want to use the word “retards”. Waiters, taxi drivers, sellers…they are reasonable only if you buy something. If not, you’re nothing more than the disgusting dog’s crap which you’ll find everywhere in Prague. No stray dogs, though.
    Consider this: European sex capital, as it is called. Can you respect a nation who gives a fuxk about their women, generally speaking?And take pride? Like a pimp nation, sort of?…
    Second: diet. It is ok to eat like this for a week. But a lifetime?
    Czechs live from the old glory from hundreds of years ago. They know better, they think. Stupid tourists will come anyway to fill their ugly pockets. And probably this will happen for a while.
    Btw, beer is crap.

    • The reason czechs are rude to you are probably because you are a giant asshole. Pimp nation, seriously? Every nation has porn business, and it’s far being from sex capital. Then again you seem like the kind of a man whose only experience with women comes from Pornhub.

      It’s not that tourists in general are viewed as dog crap, no, I assure it’s just people like you.

        • So you tell that hate attack against whole nation is OK but when somebody tells to the hater that he or she is asshole, it is not OK? Nice logic.

        • “Facts”, or lack thereof is the issue here ačtually. Show me a single fact in his statement. All I did was point out how baseless his slander was, and how warped and narrow his perception that he presents as a fact here was.

    • I could probably have replied to several other posts, but since yours seem by far the most ignorant, I thought this was a good post to respond to (I am not Czech, btw!!)

      I don’t know which country you are from, and frankly I don’t care much, but let’s follow up on some of your silly “arguments”.

      1) Czech people are racists: Well, did you know that Czech republic is one of the only countries in the EU that still do not have a specific nationalistic political party? We can compare with other countries, shall we?

      Are you from the USA? You just elected Trump, enough said…
      Are you from France? Marie La Pen. Enough said…
      Are you from Holland? Gert Wiilder. Enough said.
      UK? Brexit.
      And the list goes on, do you want me to continue?

      You talk about diet?
      Sure, but then there is USA, UK, Russia… Do these people eat salat all day long? I hardly think so.

      Prague as a sex capital?
      Sure, but it could also be considered kinda liberating… Remember, in two countries over (Holland) women are displayed behind glass windows in the red light district. And don’t even get me started on the attitudes toward women in the Balkans, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Poland, etc… In these countries there might not be the same sex industry as in CZ, they just beat their women instead 🙂

      I also read on these boards that Czechs are considered ignorant. Yet they are surpassed by countries such as USA, Russia and even Denmark, France, Australia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, etc… Google it, if you must, it is a quite interesting survey 🙂

      The beer is crap? That was a pretty silly argument. Especially since Czech beer is sold around the world.

      Also let’s have some fun facts about other European countries that havn’t been mentioned still:

      Spain: Bullfighting… Animal cruelty is nothing to be proud of, guys. I luckily do not see this happening in CZ 🙂
      Also, someone on this post called Spain an empire. Yet, just a few years ago the economics were horrible and Spain needed financial help from the EU, hereby also from CZ. Has this already been forgotten? 🙂

      Balkans: Your homophobic culture allows for even politicians to publicly give death threats to any member of the LGBT community. CZ is considered one of the most tolerant countries in EU, and equality is only growing.

      Italy: Your men are mama-boys: 52% of Italian men aged between 25 and 34 are still living at home, As far as I know Czech men do not have these mommy-issues. If you are an Italian man complaining about CZ… It’s time to move out 😉

      Poland: You politicians openly claim that women are less intelligent than men and therefore deserve to be paid less. And yes, you actually elected these people. Way to go Poland!

      Hungary: You have the only dictator in the EU, and you are considered one of the most nationalistic countries in EU. Good luck with that.

      UK: Brexit… Except for the Scots, I know you tried your best 🙂

      Germany: History… No, it won’t be forgotten, sorry 🙂

      France: I mentioned Le Pen, but did I mention that you too are considered one of the most patriotic countries in the world, going on and on about your wine and baguette? And btw, you are the worst English-speakers out of all the Europeans. And I have met a lot.

      Scandinavia: You are so high and mighty about being the happiest region in the world, yet you fill yourselves with anti-depressives and have pretty high suicide numbers.

      And I am so happy I only did core EU-countries, so I don’t even have to start with nations such as USA and Russia. Or Asia. That would keep me up all night 🙂

      So do I think people from Spain are horrible because cruelty to animals is part of their culture?
      Do I dislike the french because they have Le Pen? Because they talk about wine and baguette all day long?
      The Italians because they just don’t want to leave their mamas?
      Holland because of Wiilders?
      Scandinavia for their (not so) perfect societies?
      Etc, etc, etc…

      The answer is no, of course not. I have met great people from each of these countries/regions, and I have met great Czechs. Why? Because I do not go out from the bank where the teller didn’t smile at me and think: That stupid woman was rude, she didn’t smile, so Czechs must simply be horrible people! In fact the whole premise is stupid and, quite frankly, shallow.

      But enjoy life in your not so amazing country that is really just like any other nation on the globe… Where ever you are from… And remember, if you show rudeness to people, I am sure this is the only thing you will get in return. No matter where you go in the world 🙂

      • The rudeness is one-way (Czechs to foreigners), which is why so many people are frustrated. No smoke without fire.

        Foreigners by default have experienced other cultures, which is why they’re taken aback by the lack of humanity in Czech people.

      • Oh come on guys! Why is it bad that the Czech Republic is a sex capital of the Eastern Europe?! Budapest in the porn capital and that in no way diminishes Hungarians’ pride.
        And confirming: Czech girls are very, very easy, probably because they have never experienced a gentlemanly treatment from the majority of Czech men (like taking them to Kobe or Cloud9, helping them with their coat, and then paying for them). Which is a very positive thing about it, in my opinion 🙂

  44. I had an interesting experience the other day in a bar. Went to somebody to ask them something. Even before I had finished the sentence, ‘do you speak English? ‘ , sharply he replied, ‘No!’, I attempted to reply and got another , ‘No, go away!’

    I moved away and sat down, somewhat taken aback.
    About 10 minutes later he came to me and apologised and attempting to explain his behaviour by the fact his English was so bad.

    So it was the 2nd interaction that was more surprising than the first

  45. While it maybe true that some Czechs can be extremely impolite and rude, I still prefer that (mostly) to the ridiculous idiotic smiley ‘have a nice day’, or ‘is everything ok with your meal’ interruptions and lack of sincerity that an Americanised service culture provides.

    It’s quite refreshing actually.

    In regards to quality of service, don’t have many good things to say about UK service culture….

  46. I am back from my business trip to Czech and was totally shocked about the rudeness and arrogance of the Czech people. I decided to google if anybody else have experienced the same. Well here I am with all the comments 😀

    Some people say, Czechs are rude because of soviet pressure and difficult history. Nooo, this definately is not the case. How do I know it? I am from Latvia. We also have difficult history as all the other Eastern European countries, but somehow people are nice and friendly in Lithuania, Poland etc.

    I was specifically in Brno, and had several cases that I wouldn’t have expected from otherwise civilized country as Czech Republic.

    1) In restaurant waiter gave menu only in local language. When I tried to talk with waiter he started shouting at me but later gave menu in english. I was about to leave, because I was never in my life been shouted at by waiter in restaurant. Ok, got the menu, looking through it, couldn’t decide what really I want, waiter is back and asks for order, I say that I haven’t yet decided. He started flicking fingers to me (it is even considered a little rude for client to call waiter in that way.. at least in every single other country I have been) and again shouting something in Czech language. Luckily went away and I could decide either to leave or find something to eat. I was hungry and decided to stay. Food was good 🙂 Then I asked for check, paid in cash, because I already knew credit/debit cards don’t accept almost anywhere. I had only large bills so I paid and was waiting for change. He bring the change.. and it is almost 2 times less than it should be. When I said, the change is incorrect, I again heard shouting and definately very rude words (I am from eastern europe, I know russian, a bit of polish language, therefore I can understand some words), but when I was simply not leaving he bring the missing change.

    2) Basically the same, just in bar I paid for one beer, did not get the correct change back, and was ignored by bartender. I would have stayed for the 2nd beer, but bartender just ignored me, like I wasn’t even there.

    It was my first time in Czech and I was surprised, something like this could even happen in Europe.

    • I suppose you couldn’t give me the names of the restaurant and bar? Could be useful for my future advices to my foreign friends and foreign people I take care of during one festival here. I’m sorry you encountered a behaviour like this here, as far as I know, most places here are welcoming.

      My guess is the waiter could not speak English well and it is in our nature to feel embarassed when we’re forced to do something we know we can’t do properly (similar to Japanese who don’t want to embarass their country). And some people react aggresivelly when they feel forced to embarass themselves. Not that it can excuse him.

      I would certainly drop a negative feedback on google or so. Owners slowly start to control these and perhaps they would choose their staff better.

  47. I do agree with you, Czechs are like that and especially in Prague. Thats why we (Moravians) don´t like them all too much 😉 If you want to feel slightly more comfortable I suggest visiting Brno and South Moravia for some nice memories 😉

    • Been in Brno. And in Vyskov. True.Not Prague. Taxi drivers still bandits, but this is universal.

  48. I was just in Prague for the first time and I have to 100% agree with this post. I never once saw anyone smile, in response to a friendly “hello” you get nothing, you get cheated (if you don’t catch them), they act like you’re a bother as a tourist or customer, though they’ll take your money. What a surly, unhappy lot! I know they’ve had a history of communism, but since when does that justify being so bloody rude? I was never so happy as to leave a country and probably will not visit again. While one shouldn’t allow such things to get under one’s skin, it makes a big difference to how one views a country and wanting to return there.

    I’ve been all over Europe and there’s a certain degree of “chill” from people in Central Europe, where most won’t smile or be that friendly, but on occasion, you get the helpful person who’ll try to communicate with you or offer some help. But in Prague…no such thing. Glad I’m not the only one who came away with this impression, sad for the country that it’s what they’re leaving visitors’ with…but I guess they don’t care. Tourists might be annoying but they’re a huge revenue generators and this is definitely not the way to go about treating guests in your country.

    Thank goodness for the UK where everyone is friendly and polite, yes, even in London.

  49. Hi, I am Czech but totally agree with all comments about rude and unpleasant people here. I don´t think only Prague has it. I see it everywhere. I lived a year in Germany and a year in France and now when I´m stuck here for a few months because of finishing school I have to say It´s terrible, tough and I feel sick from these people around. They don´t behave like that only to foreginers, mainly to each other. I think that to be polite here means something like weakness. it´s kind of hard to stay positive and nice when every moment some rude situation is killing you. But what we can do with them? Leaving this country soon and will try my best to never come back.

  50. just came from prague,all is great,people are not nice,great food,do not bother leaving tips,we did,not even a thank you or a smile in return,people poor,not happy,did not see a single cat,a few dogs,wery weird.

    • Why on Earth do you think that Prague center = the whole country? Of course people have dogs, way more than I’d personally like, you just have to stick your head out of the tourist shell and look somewhere people actually live! If you think people live in the city center of Prague, you are terribly mistaken. There are only hotels, offices, restaurants and shops. Hardly any local citizens (and those often dislike tourists because of what has become of their home – they are no the only ones across Europe). Locals, if they can, avoid the center completly. The people you meet on the streets there are just tourists. Most of the restaurants and bars there are hardly the best you can find in the city – they just have owners rich enough to rent the place. And those usually want to score as much money as they can so the staff can be paid and treated badly, too. Besides there are many cases of tourists behaving like animals, getting drunk, harrassing, making a big mess – both in pubs, public spaces or hotel rooms. Try to work with this for few months with a bad salary, I guess you would have some prejudice against tourists as well. I’m sad it’s that way, but it’s a mix of czech nature, specific circumstances but also bad experience.

      (People here think of themselves unhappy even though they live a good, secured life. It’s like a sad sport. It might have roots in the communism era. I’d try to explain it like: “If you say your life is bad, the others won’t feel jealous, they might actually be kind to you because you give them the feeling that their own “misery” is not as bad or that you share the struggle. While if you are happy and content, you’re suspicious. Who did you steal from? What if you perhaps did something that put me and my family in worse position?” I know it sounds terrible but it used to be this way and something of this mentality still remains in the mind of many Czechs. It will take more than one generation to wash it off. Sadly, it’s not just a pose, many Czechs have been posing this way for so long that they genuinely believe it. Instead of enjoying what they have, they still compare themselves to others. Perhaps it’s because we don’t have such a strict social structure as some other countries. We all belong in one class, that’s how we see it. There are just huge gaps withing this one class and some people have trouble accepting that.)

  51. Oh–here is a funny small example of Czech rudeness. I play tennis at Hamr in Prague frequently: the last two weekends I was playing doubles with some exptats. When our ball went into the next court, I kindly asked in Czech “pardon, míček prosim”. The player simply ignored me and would not get the ball. So, I had to go and collect the tennis ball in their court myself as the Czech looked at me, plainly annoyed I was coming into their court and disturbing their game. This also happened the previous weekend: the Czechs in the next court refused to simply toss the ball over to us (the ball was only 10 feet from where he was standing), so I had to go collect it–right next to the player at the baseline. So much for tennis being a ‘gentleman’s sport’–at least here in Prague with the Czechs.

    • I am Czech. I really appreciate when a foreigner makes his effort to speak Czech (and so do many others). Your first story makes me feel that you went maybe just a half way in politeness as perceived by the local (taking into account that you are an expat here). I would say it this way “Dobrý den” and wait till the person pays attention to you. If he doesn’t, you can repeat it. Then I would continue “promiňte, mohl byste mi prosím podat míček?” It is very polite but assertive enough. If the other person did not cooperate, then I would find him really rude. Longer version than the yours, but, hey, you can write it down on a piece of paper :).

    • pardon, míček prosím…

      thats the catch… it sounds like princess is ordering their servants… you would not say to stranger “sorry, the ball pls” in English, would you?

      Some Czechs are rude, especially who serve tourist or people generally, but we are not complete arsholes. 🙂

  52. I am an American expat who has lived in Prague since 2011. I have to totally agree with the author who wrote this article: the Czechs are incredibly cold, rude and surly. I am amazed I have made it so long living here. I am only still here because the tiny business I run is still running OK. Other than that, I have made no friends here, least of all Czech friends. They are simply not interested in knowing foreigners from my own experience. If they do spend a night at the pub with me, it is mostly to practice their English. The Czechs are a very private, very closed lot: you will not be invited to many social affiars here. In over 5 years living here I can count the times Czechs have invited me to their house for dinner, etc on one hand. I once tried to have a birthday party for me, my 50th: I invited like 7 Czechs and they all said ‘no’. So, happy 50th birthday spending it alone at home with a beer. Like the author says, they are not rude and cold to foreigners alone; no, they are very rude and nasty to each other as well, I have seen it many times on the metro, train station, in stores, etc. A final observation: for Czechs it is very easy to just cut someone off, cut them for dead (stop associating with you with no explanation). I’ve known several Czechs who I thought were friends who just cut me for dead without explanation. It really hurt my feelings as I had invested time and effort to get to know them, and then they just blew me off like I was a zero. I am now planning to move back to USA, this is a very tough place to fit in socially. I cannot make it here. The thought of another 5 or 10 years of being pretty much alone here sounds like a death sentence.

    • I just moved here and I was really thinking things would perk up for me as far as making friends and this comment just kinda crushed that dream ahaha

    • Living in Prague for 10 years doesn’t make you national expert. Even people from Prague can confirm you that some Prague people are, somewhat, special. So don’t base your observations on one location.

      • I agree! Most people think that Prague means Czech Republic, but that’s not true. There is CR and there is Prague. Mostly Prague people are different from other CZ people (in my opinion they are ignorant and bigheaded, but I cannot put them in one box 😉 )

    • TooNiceGuy on

      Yes, I moved here 1 year ago. I feel as you do, I don’t feel that I can relate to them much. It’s very strange as I get on well with different people and have lived in many places but Czech’s are a totally different ball game. So what can we do?

    • Oh, no! I’m sorry you didn’t get to have such a good birthday! At least now you know to not take it personally, as others from all over the world have had similar experiences, but I know that doesn’t make it any better for you. I hope you move back to wherever you’re from in the US sooner than later. Life is TOO SHORT to live somewhere you don’t feel happy. 🙂

    • After a dialogue with the english teacher I had on high school who came from the US I can tell you this: it’s understandable your first impression is “cold and surly”. If you’d take a little czech child and put it in an american class for an hour, the child would come out and tell you that Americans are fake, affected and stupid.

      Reasons: In the US the way you express yourself is very loudly and you “sing” the sentences way more – your voice range during normal speech is way wider than that of a Czech. Our range is narrower but we still manage to put and read emotions from it. But to someone used to the wide range, it sounds monotoneous and since we are not “screaming with joy” when we meet a friend (that’s how US greeting sounds to us), we might seem cold. While your casual way of speaking is perceived as something theatrical and silly if done by a czech.

      I know both ways and I can switch. Whenever I talk to someone in English, I do completly different things with my voice, going more high pitched than I would ever in my Czech speech.

  53. Sharon Tobin on

    I could tell you a hundred stories about rude people in the Czech Republic, but I can tell you a 100 more about rude people who live all over this world. Large cities do have a tendency to have a larger inhabitancy of ruder people and Prague is no exception. The same goes for when I lived in London for 10 years. I have been living in Pardubice for 6 years and have taken my time to study Czech history. It gives you some perspective of Czech mentality; particularly in the aftermath of Communism if you like. I don’t really care about poor customer service, it has little impact on my day to day living and I have become adept at ignoring these type of people. And for the most part when they are shouting at me I don’t understand what they are saying so I just smile at them. Certainly the behaviour is somewhat different in Pardubice compared with Prague, and for the most part service in bars and restaurants are very good. I can honestly say I have met some really wonderful people here who have gone out their way to help me, and I won’t forget it. If I have some criticism of Czech people generally is that they not terribly interested in charity work, and don’t like giving their money or time to help strangers who are in need, and particularly have very little interest in problems that affect people outside the Czech Republic. In this sense other nations do much better. Maybe that will change in the future. If the women particularly spent a little less time at the beauty therapist etc and a little more time engaging in helping others, then hearts and minds will open more and they would learn to appreciate what they have – a very beautiful country, with a very good standard of living and realise many others can only dream of that! Jana do not worry about your country people so much, we all have idiots that make us feel ashamed. Britain has football louts and lager louts which they seem to think other countries have to put up with when they visit. Young, drunk Brits are becoming notorious in the world and just ask the Spanish who are bombarded with millions of these idiots every year what they think of them, and now I believe they are descending on Prague by the plane load too! Poor you 🙂

    • …”when they are shouting at me I don’t understand what they are saying so I just smile at them”… Love it 😉 You’re so right with the charities… I recently asked a Czech friend who lives in Czech if there is anything like the CAB over there and he just smiled and said that CAB is like sci-fi in CZ. When I’m rich, I will found one 🙂 As to British louts, I gather they have discovered Prague already – I think they’ll fit in rather well 😀 (only kidding :)).

  54. I was shocked with czech people in Prague. I have never witnessed such rude, ignorant, unhelpful people ever in my entire life. If you go to a restaurant and pay for dinner they expect you to leave right after you finish your meal. Also, when you go to some food place they ask you what do you want and if you say ‘coffee only’ they say ‘no, go away , dinner only’. What the f.
    At the central station, I tried to exchange money and a guy at the forex-exchange didn’t properly explain to me and charged me 500 krones as a comission fee to withdrawal 2000 krones. When I noticed that I came back and politely asked him to cancel the transaction because I didn’t understand that situation. The clerk called me a liar, then he started to generalize saying all Ukrainians are like that bla bla bla. Terrible. Overall you can go to Prague for a day to see some places but apart from that I don’t recommend going there at all

    • To be fair to the Czech, this is Prague’s specifics – like hiding the 32% commission (yes, 32%! – read the small text in any exchange at Vaclavak), or refusing service, which has never happened to me in ANY of the better places here, like Four Seasons, Grosetto, Imperial, Obecny Dum and even the Alchemist. It depends only on the way you order – if you show you do not fucking expect any refusal, they’ll shut up and bring you even a glass of water… but then charge you 75 Kc for the Evian 🙂
      People outside of Prague are not big-headed at all, and are much, much more pleasant. In the North Bohemia, women even smile back at you and old people walking their dogs greet you 🙂

  55. Hi.

    Me and my girlfriend are just now in CZ. Praha is really beatifull city and the castle is wow. But the people (also in Brno and Bratislava, Slovakia) are not friendly. We have experienced many different scenarios with communication and we got always not welcome faces and almost nobody talks English. We weren’t expecting that. Let’s hope the next days will be better. But anyway. Really beatill country…..

  56. Im living in Czech Republic 8 years….
    Just a short story about the czech stupidity:

    – Buy a house with my wife (czech girl) we have two babies.
    – All poeple around watching and asking what Im doing in the house…first time i send it like “jdi do piči vole” and was the end.
    -I buy 2 Audi A6, one for me, one for my wife…that day one neighbour ask me where i have money for expensive car.
    – One faggot try to take my car…after calling the policie they told me” are just kidding” guys was like 35 y.o.
    – At work all fucking long day just listening: its too hot, its too cold, all negative and even one day I said to everybody to suck my dick if they dont like it that im smiling, listening music or have social life.

    Untill now I have kicked 2-3 persons in the neighborhood cause are idiots and Im still in court trial 🙂 but very happy with that cause now nobody mess with me or my familly.

    My wife hate this people too, in her job its the same history.

    Now I recommend and for me its working pretty good:
    – when you buy something dont speak, buy it and if there is any problem just you can said its: Co to kurva chces do prdele??!!! and this faggots are in shock and they clean the mess very fast.
    – Be rude too, if somebody ask you something just said: I dont give a fuck about it 🙂
    -Be more rude and they will be more sweet with you.
    -It is the nation moron…..all around baby.

    Its a fact and did you know why?
    Cause a third of the country’s population is poor in spirit . Every seventh citizen is stupid or demented or alcoholic. Roughly half the country’s population has below-average intellect.

    Make your own world, your behaviour have to be rude aginst this faggots here, be happy and this people will be unhappy 🙂 show to the czech people how happy you are and they will be mad 😀 , smile, they are idiots.


    • Albert (or is it Andy :D), “Every seventh citizen is stupid or demented or alcoholic. Roughly half the country’s population has below-average intellect.” I read that somewhere yesterday actually – wasn’t it our (in)famous president who said that ? 🙂
      Have a nice day and keep smiling lol

    • can I contact you guys to speak out about all shit happened to me in Prague? I really disapointed and get mad right now … we can make out something for stupid, idiots, evil people .. i’m thinking if I could write down my stories about evil people here .. MFr!

    • TooNiceGuy on

      I agree with you, Czechs are useless, and complete idiots and I think you’ve joined that club. And poor wife and kids. From the sounds of it you’re a complete wanker!

    • Oh, Andy you yourself are not the one of these nice easy going people, aren’t you? Quite rude and vulgar, are you sure you are not Czech by origin yourself?

  57. Hi Jana, I’ve just Googled why are Czech so rude by off chance and was surprised to find your website. I thought it was just me! I feel so much better now reading your article and everyone’s comments. I’m here in Prague with husband and two little ones for a week for our wedding anniversary. The customer services we have received so far were really appalling. We are British but myself is Chinese origin, so I thought maybe Czechs don’t like Chinese. But now I realised it is towards everyone. We chose here for our holiday because I’m really interested in culture and history, which Prague has loads of. We have admired the beautiful architectures and visited loads of galleries, unfortunately the staff working at the galleries, shops, stations and random people in the streets are trying very hard to make our stay as unpleasant as possible. I try not to notice it and just focus on the art, but it is very hard not to. With a 1 year old and a 3 year old energetic boys, the people have really made us feel that Czechs hate children and foreigners. People either roll their eyes at us, or on the metro nobody would give me a seat when I’m carrying a one year old. Not one person smiled at me when I said thank you after every service, even I always leave at least 10% tips. One of them rolled their eyes at me when I said thank you. The only people smiled at our boys are other foreign tourists. Today’s experience at a shop was unpleasant. My sandals broke because we did so much walking, so we went into Office shoe shop at Wenceslas square. I saw a pair of white espadrilles and asked the lady for my size. While waiting for the shoes I sat down at the seating area with my boys, there were two plastic shoe horns on the muff seats. The boys picked one each and started bashing them on the muff seats. So I told them off and took the shoe horns off the boys and put them on the high table so they can’t reach. One shop assistant immediately came over and took the shoe horns then slammed them really hard on the counter, just in case I can’t hear, then muttered something in Czech to another girl, then they both gave us some evil looks. I just pretended I didn’t notice. When the shoes finally arrived, I liked them but the right one that was on the display was very dirty and had grease mark on it, especially compared to the left foot which was pure white. So I asked the lady if she could find me another pair because this one was dirty. She looked me up and down as if was judging me, then smirked and said no there aren’t any more, which you can just tell she was lying. So I said can she offer discount then if that is the case? This must be an outrageous suggestion for her, she rolled her eyes and walked off. I have lived in the UK for 13 years, travelled all around world with work and holidays, never experienced customer service like that. Needless to say I didn’t buy those shoes.
    This is our 5th day in Prague, both myself and hubby really liked it so far, love the art and history, food is lovely too. Don’t quite understand why it became a stag do destination. Real shame about the people though. The staff at our hotel are very lovely and helpful. They are the only nice people we have met so far in Prague. I do hope things get better in the future. This is a beautiful country, please make it more beautiful with smiles and kindness.

    • Hi Kitty, this is so sad 🙁 I wish for the same as you and hope that the new generation of youngsters is more open-minded and happier. Unfortunately, all I have seen lately has been an increase in racism and hate towards anything foreign… Hope the last couple of days in Prague are good for you 🙂

    • So you go into shoe shop, your undisciplined kids start to spread crap there and you expect people smile at you? wtf

      • Those kids did not spread any crap. Can you read? And its your country’s economy that will suffer in the long term because people will not wish to come back to those shops and the country altogether. There are crazy people everywhere but sadly I now associate Czech republic with nutters like you.

        • Nutter is definitely the right word for him (unless we opt for a rude one in which case we could use one of many…)!

        • ” The boys picked one each and started bashing them on the muff seats. ” ..yes they did.
          It’s considered very rude here to let kids go ape here. people who are not able to discipline their kids(or they just don’t care) are considered rude low lifes here.

          • I think the main reason for our unhappy and agressive nature (and i may generelize but i am talking about post soviet union countries) is our ‘very disciplined ‘ upbringing. Hitting children has been and mostly stays a norm, kids are not entertained and treated like nuisance and inconvenience. Yes, as a result they r ‘well behaved’ little soldiers in public places but as they feel heavily critised for their natural behaviour, aggression, defiance and bigotry do build up.

            • Ok, it’s the exact opposite. Western kids raised without the real parenting grow up into a their “natural behaviour” .. which is aggression, defiance and bigotry. The west is full of aggressive spoiled brats running around spreading crap. And if you think parenting means “hitting children” you are stupid

              • Oh my goodness, listen to yourself and you’ll know who suffers from aggression ad bigotry! You are a time waste though as you get confused and contradict yourself and can’t see further than your nose. If you indeed dont take anything seriously leave this thread-you only reconfirm to people that Czech republic is a no go place. I will not cone back to give you my money, thats for sure.

    • Dear kitty:

      Like you see czechs are dumbs idiots, Czechs suffer from a massive inferiority complex and are very poor inside and outside…dont take care about it….enjoy your stay and forged this faggots 🙂

      • Lol a westerner calling Czechs dumb idiots. Average westerner is a know nothing brainwashed politically correct slave cheering at his own removal by 3rd world subhumans.
        You are Dodo birds.

        • Dear mooron
          Im not westerner….but I preffer to be westerner than a czech dumbass with a massive inferiority complex 😀

    • can we share our shitty stories .. I need to share and solve my problem with someone .. I became insensible and angry women day by day .. I want to move out of this country but I had a son with Czech guy and we are living together .. he doesn’t want to listen what ís happening to me. i feel so alone in this city .. bored and sick of CZ people

    • Huh, when me and my sister visited London, we were looked down upon in shops like we were inferior beings – probably because we weren’t closed fancy enough. We didn’t even talk to the employees, we were just exploring the merchandise. But you should’ve seen those looks. “Animals, what are you even doing here?” It completly discouraged us from going to any shops at all. The only friendly ones were the souvenir shops with immigrant employees. AND the crew of the sighseeing cruise. I pretty much dislike London because of that and have no urge to ever come back :).

      So I’d say the unfriendly staff is universal. The only difference would be that here people don’t get sorted in classes but mean staff will find their reason to be mean anyway. Also, shopping in the Prague center is not a good idea. It’s not a friendly place even for us. But I understand the emergency.

      • ReuskaHasDowns2 on

        Sure, you ‘thought’ you got looks. Did they scream at you? Kick you out? No. Czechs do.

  58. Phidel Castroil on

    Czechs suffer from a massive inferiority complex when it comes to westerners. They know that their country is a total mess and that their government is corrupt, their agencies don’t work, that they are unable to cooperate with each other to achieve anything meaningful. They are suspicious of everyone – maybe especially other Czechs. They think that everyone they meet is a hustler of some kind and so they treat them as such and in fact try to hustle them first. It is the opposite of the way we function in the US where people are assumed innocent until proven otherwise. Czech society is uncooperative and unsustainable. They will lose their national identity because it is not worth saving.

    • This is absolutely right! I was born in the Czech Republic and wasted there 22 years of my life! Czech people are bloody disgrace and Czech Republic can’t even be classified as a country! The whole place is just a total disaster! Yuck!!!

    • Actually, Czechs have been doing better in preserving their national identity than most western europe countries. We might be an unhappy mess but we stick together in it at least and it still feels like we are one big bunch of Czechs (even if we don’t like each other). We are not giving up our traditions and culture to accomodate immigrants. We are not bunches of different cultures that are forced to cooperate and be happy about it. Bad attitude doesn’t break your neck. Overly open attitude might.

  59. Hi all, I must say now, that I feel really shamed that Im Czech. Yes, there is a looot of people like this, but if you’d go to a small town in our republic, I hope you could get a better experience. Prag is a dirty city with too much rude and unpolite people, I dont like this city at all.. I work as a casher at Kaufland (supermarket as Tesco, but – dont kill me – better) and the customers there are not much nice either, which of course doesnt help us casher to be nicer, but some of us try really hard to be humane, nice, polite. And if I meet there a foreigner, I am the happiest woman in the town for an hour, cause I can speak english, german, or french with them. Its really wierd the people you met in cz didnt speak english :-O I though its normal here to be able to speak eng as its compulsory at our schools. I hope you will have better experiences with us, and if not, go to Dvur Kralove nad Labem, we have a good Zoo with safari and we try to be nice 🙂

    • Dashrath Damodar on

      Stay that way Zanet. You will sure succeed in life. We are moving to Prague shortly and would love to see you some day.

      • Thank you very much Dashrath! Sometimes it’s really hard to stay nice when you’re in pressure, but I do try. See ya! 🙂

    • Well Zanet…I live in small town and its the same crappy shit full of idiots 🙂 just 3 people in a population of 800 are normal. normal means: speak spanish+english, are happy, normals and helpful 🙂 Yes the Zoo its very nice and english its not a problem at all at the Zoo 🙂 + The safari….thats just another level and if you will be lucky you can see ( like I saw one day) some idiots in the safary out of the cars smoking 🙂 🙂 for the other side my opinion its that CZ its a country that dont have anything to offer 🙁 except the ZOO 🙂

    • Phidel Castroil on

      It is still possible to live a good, moral life in the Czech Republic. I have several friends who do so. I feel sorry for good Czechs because they are fighting a system and general attitude of dishonesty. Know that you are leading a good fight and that someday thanks to you and others like you CR can change to be a place where honest work and living is rewarded.

  60. I am in CZ for a holiday and going home today. I can’t wait to get home to Australia. People are so rude it has made the holiday so unpleasant. We chose a motel a bit out of the city called Akcent Hotel in Andel. The ladies here have been absolutely wonderful. English is hard for them but they have gone over and above to help us. Even packing a breakfast for my friend who had a early flight. We did not ask. Printing out tram timetable and numbers for destinations and booking tours. My son has married a CZ girl and they will live in Australia. So even if they come to live in CZ for a while I am confident that my grandchildren will be ok.

  61. Im in Prague at the moment and I must say, I would not expect this in Africa. This is not a european country. It is worse than Balkans. Much worse! No one speaks english?! WTF?!

    • All Czechs are unbelievably stupid, their stupidity have no limits, it’s just beyond all measures! They all still live in communism! They don’t even follow basic hygiene habits and stink of sweat almost as bad as niggers!

    • Františka on

      Thank you very much. We face here the opinion that we are all same and badly rasist and everything. What are you to say we are idiots? Thank you very much for your empathism and patience. I can see your point, but how the hell can you say this????!!!

  62. Hi Jana, noticed that you had triggered a really meaningful discussion, can’t be seen in many other blogs/forums.
    Of course living here I couldn’t agree more with any of the statements posted and could add a lot from my personal and my BF experiences. Even though I’ve tried not to be so social the first year in PRG, still managed to accumulated a huge amount of negativity.
    The worst part is that I feel determined to stay a little bit more for personal (career-wise) purposes, hence my question: When used to live here how did you do it, I mean how did you handle all this arrogance and protect your dignity? Any tips how to handle ‘difficult’ cz attitude are appreciated.
    I’ve heard it so many times from cz ppl living abroad that they moved as they couldn’t stand their own.
    And the main reason isn’t the Iron Curtain as somebody already posted. Coming from an ex-communist country myself I could say that ppl at home came a long way to improve cust. services whether it was done by ppl. filing complaints or some monetary incentives can’t say. But ppl. at home demanded good service at any level, it took years but it’s now a living fact. While here is not the case and tbh it very much reminds me of the communist era like it never ended in CZ, why so? May be the local ppl. think that they don’t deserve anything good – no polite smile, no normal reaction and therefore they are not complaining. Would be really interesting to hear your point of view. Cheers,

    • Hi Vini, I have absolutely no idea WHY… I am still trying to work this one out myself. Some of my Czech friends who live in CZ have told me things have improved when it comes to customer services but I must say that I haven’t noticed much improvement when I go there. I think Czech people are just used to it and don’t take any notice any more. Generally, I think Czechs are hard on the outside but when you get to know them (if they allow you to get to know them, which of course is difficult if one doesn’t know the language very well) you’ll find they’re very nice hospitable people. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to say things as they are or as they feel them. That’s often my problem, too, but my British friends know me now 😀 On a more political level, I think that Czech people were hoping for a better world without problems after 1989. Communism was gone and democracy arrived. Instead, they’ve seen a lot of politicians, businessmen etc. who have done nothing but exploited them. Times are hard, there isn’t a lot of money around, the state doesn’t look after people as it used to. Yes, we now have freedom but what good is freedom if you haven’t got the money to buy anything. The ordinary Czech feels like they are being let down over and over again by politicians who keep promising and not delivering. There have been a lot of scandals and people don’t really know who they can trust. So perhaps that’s not helping their mood either. I don’t know.

      • Hi I am Czech and I am 17 years old. I lived for 14 years in village and i must say that prague is awful and i hate prague people too. People that are about 30-40 years old are really rude all the time. I think new generation will be better. For example my step father (i really hate him) always talking about how my freinds going to betray me and how i should not trust anyone. There is something realy bad about his generation everyone who is in prague in his age is complete savage. I am really sad that we have this reputation in our country 🙁

  63. It’s only in Prague I was called a “picha” or ” f***ing cunt” by homeless guys in the metro for daring not to give them some small coins. In another Internet discussion they called me a “kunda” or “cunt” again for criticising bad service of waiters in Prague. I have never been insulted and called so many offensive bad names in my life. I do fucking hate the Czechs
    They are genuinely unkind, miserable and most negative people in the world I ever came across. And I lasted in Prague for entire 6 years!!!
    Another horrible thing about them is their weird sick hierarchy they treat foreigners according to.
    If you are from the West, you’re good. British, American, German, maybe a Pole – ok, but if you’re like Ukrainian, Belarusian or any country to the East – they just treat you like shit

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t want to say I hate czechs. There are a lot of great people among them. I do feel upset about their attitude and I apologise for saying that 🙂

    • Your problem is that you take everything too seriously. Czechs don’t take anything seriously, and I mean anything.

    • It’s because these people are full of shit. They came to “backward” eastern Europe expecting everybody will dance around them like they are some world stars or what. Nobody here gives a shit.

      • True and it’s refreshing to be in a culture that doesn’t treat the (sometimes) dumbass customer that thinks they are the king..

  64. Oh my golly gosh. So glad to know that it’s not my mere existence that pee’s the Czechs off. Thank you guys for a good laugh. I took a tram going in the wrong direction to the way other side of brno. When the tram reached its turn around point, I asked the tram driver, is it going back in the direction of valerie vankovska as it was late. He started screaming at me, showing me to get off.
    He could have just showed me to wait at the stop for the following tram. That night I couldn’t help but chuckle at him, he was so Furious.

    At Tescos I took two scales to the counter due to no price tags, the lady was so Furious, saying alot of things in Czech. I just wanted the cheaper one lady.

    There are a few good ones. Slovaks are such nice people too!

  65. I’m glad I’m not the only person bothered by this. I’m from Australia and have lived in Prague over a year.

    I’ve had a loooooot of bad experiences with people here, but also some good ones (which I would usually call normal anywhere else, but here they seem a blessing). My boyfriend from Slovakia has moved to Prague to be with me and he finds Czech people incredibly rude too – one of his favourite experiences is this guy with a cup of beer in his hand walking backward on a busy street in Holesovice, the guy ran right into my boyfriend, spilt his beer and then had a go at my boyfriend for it.

    in CZ I try to do as much as I can with my almost B1 level czech but you know a lot of the time, even speaking czech, it doesnt make the situation any better, its really put me off wanting to continue learning the language. I love living here, but the only upsetting thing really is the people and I have had such bad experiences that I feel very unwelcome here and wish to leave. I have lived in France before and visited half the countries in Europe so I know people are nicer in other places. Even Brno and Olomouc was a massive difference in mannerisms compared to Prague, and you could blame this on the big city thing, but I found people in Paris (where I lived in France) very nice and welcoming – despite what everyone says about the French.

    Anyway most recent terrible experience was a couple days ago in Billa Namesti Republiky:

    Had bananas and went to the weighing machine for one of those tickets but it wasn’t working at all, no other workers around so I went to the check out anyway thinking maybe the lady there can weigh it on her own (I never shop in Billa, so I wasn’t sure of any other procedure since in Tesco and Albert they weigh it at the check out). I got to the lady and when she couldn’t find the sticker I told her the machine didnt work, anyway after that i couldn’t understand much of what she said but she yelled at me continuously and banged the bananas multiple times on the bench. She finally stopped verbally abusing me in a language I clearly was unsure of and said in czech “well go on, go back and fix it” or something to that effect, and I said still in czech “I can’t, you still have my bananas”, and then she virtually threw them at me. I had had enough and said in the end in czech “you could be nice” and she had the face like she was going to get up and bash me, I then left quickly and heard her making comments about what I had just said to the people behind me. So that’s this weeks story…

    Just tonight going to the Tesco Express around the corner in Vrsovice P10, this lady couldn’t wait in line, she was literally looking over my shoulder groaning about how long this was going to take (30 seconds), and then just kept giving me dirty looks until I left…then on the way out I opened the door and another lady wanting to come in snickered at me for opening the door and leaving before she went to enter, like calm down guys, its 7pm at night, where else have you gotta be that you cant wait a few extra seconds?

    I don’t understand how this happens so much to everyone, like what is wrong with these people and why if this is so common are there some nice people out there… The people I work with and have studied with have been exceptionally friendly and great to talk to, but the minute I step outside these environments I wonder what I did to all these people.

    I’m trying to be tougher and not take things personally, but its hard sometimes and the really big things like that Billa incident among many others before that just make me want to cry. And while that makes me sound weak, I would attribute it to the society I’ve grown up in, like the original poster’s experience in the UK, Australia is the same where you feel that forced politeness rehearsed by service workers all the time, and in Aus I really disliked such fakeness all the time…but compared to how people are in Prague, I now would prefer it so much,

    • Hi Ashleigh, good to hear your experience! The incident with the bananas made me chuckle 🙂 although I’m sure it was maddening for you at the time… This stuff (unfortunately) seems to happen over there and all us nice people (lol) can do is show them how to be nice and try not to lose our rag in the process 😉

      • Hey yeah, after the 6 extra months now, I’ve realised that its not just foreigners either which my friends and I thought at first, its everyone. I have a lot more experiences to add to this list too now 🙂 mostly MOI, public transport, services and people on the street related but still not as bad as that banana incident (to this day I have not gone to another Billa, not really to boycott but more out of fear – I get anxious easily). I have stopped smiling at people unless I can tell they aren’t Czech, otherwise I just get weird looks like I want to commit some heinous crime against them or something, especially if I smile at a child (completely normal and generally socially necessary in Australia).
        I have discovered that while I have enjoyed my time here, that this negativity and lack of care about the others around them, I just can’t get used to or accept (that and walking outside just to smell the fresh leavings of dogs in the sun, because doggy poop bags obviously haven’t been invented yet), and unfortunately we’re looking for other European cities to live in. It has been a good learning experience.

        If anyone on here wants to talk to nice people in Prague, I can recommend Jatomi fitness in Eden, Vrsovice – though dont talk to the cleaners or the actual people exercising, just the staff, renews your faith in humanity 🙂 I know, a random place but it makes me feel better. ramble ramble ramble

        • Don’t blame you for wanting to move… I don’t think I’d like to live in Prague again… Good luck at finding a better place to live! Like you say, it was an experience…

        • Only mentally ill and idiots smile without reason. And btw I bet you use “tykani” instead of “vykani” . No wonder people are rude to you ,because “tykani” is considered absolutely rude here.Like “fist in the face” level rude.

          • Sharon Tobin on

            John you are truly full of shit. Hardly anyone cares about Vy and Ty here as long as you try and speak some Czech. Only uptight twits like you might be bothered!!

            • Hi Jana, hi Sharon, hi everybody – reading all these comments made me both being ashamed of being Czech and relieved too as I realised there are rude and impolite people everywhere . In a whole I have to agree we as a nation are quite rude and disrespectful to the others (tourists, women and older people especially). It is true Prague is not the whole Czech Republic meaning not everybody is the same.
              On the other hand – English, French, Italian, Spanish and other nationalities young men come to Prague to celebrate their stag do,and their behaving (too much drinking, taking drugs, aggressiveness etc.) does not give a good impression either.
              Yes, Czechs don’t trust foreigners and don’t do themselves any favour by behaving like they do. But they are not stupid, bandits, uptight twits and dumbs idiots.

            • Lol you westerner are teaching me about whats considered rude here? That level of arrogancy and stupidity. No wonder people give you faces all the time.

  66. Just waiting for the metro door to open, and a smart middle aged woman positioned herself right in front of me, I mean I had to make room for her, even though she’d just arrived. We then get on to a reasonably full carriage and she plonks her bag on the seat next to her, a double seat at the end of the carriage. I then asked her if I could sit down, to which she pointed down the wagon and said sit over there. I replied that I wanted to sit here, at which point she picked her bag up off the empty seat and walked off.

    I racked my brains thinking about where else on earth this would happen, and by the way it’s not the first time.
    The answer of course, is that it wouldn’t happen anywhere else.

  67. terry taylor on

    Lets just hope the next Iron Curtain is TWICE AS HIGH AND TWICE AS LONG.

    AND DON’T LET IT FALL NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Me too. All those hordes of mudslimes invading from the western soon-to-be-shitholes must be stopped somehow. And all those cucked peasants who let their countries being destroyed by mudvasion must not be allowed to come here too. We don’t need here the cowards who didn’t do anything to save their countries .

  68. terry taylor on

    Don’t forget arrogant and obnoxious. In fact, the most obnoxious people in Europe. And selfish. And narcisistic. 24 years plus have taught me this.
    Terrible people, absolutely terrible. How they emigrate and then integrate would be worthy of a TV documentary. Must be a steep learning curve, expensive and or painful

    • Hi Terry, I think some of them basically don’t integrate and just moan about how everything is wrong with their new country of residence – 16 year experience from living in the UK and meeting Czech people here 😀

  69. Yup, I was googling just that: Why are Czechs so rude?
    I have to say that I’ve have had the same experience. I always thought it was because of my natural sourpuss face or my awkward behaviour, maybe those contributed too. Am I too bad to feel relieved that the Czechs have nothing personal with me and are just like that to everybody? I know not all Czechs are like that, and that some can be genuinely nice. Other than that I feel that most of them who are in the service industry just don’t give a s**t.

    • Have to agree, unfortunately… If you ask for something in a shop be prepared for a ‘Oh-my-god-I’ve-got-to-get-off-my-chair-and-go-and-show-this-stupid-woman-where-so-and-so-is’ attitude 🙂

  70. Ah they are absolutely shocking! I have to say some of them were nice to us but on many occasions we could i could not believe the hostility! We went to aquaforum the other day and that receptionist literally physically attacked my husband for taking a pushchair through the gate! As if we had any clue we werent allowed to take it through-she spoke to us czech only. Or I called up a museum to find out if they were open and there was no way i was going there after a brief conversation i had on the phone with that charming lady. She stated that she spoke czech only and then asked me ‘what do you want?’ I replied ‘museum please’ to which she smirked and replied smth in czech again in a very rude manner. I couldnt be bothered and just put the phone down.

    • Well, how dare you take a pushchair in through the gate, are you stupid??? Only kidding! 😀 I’d like to say it’s getting better but having just returned from CZ, ehm, it’s still bloody awful 😀 I’ve decided to try and be nice and smile and hope it’ll rub off on some of them – yeah, I know, fat chance 🙂

    • I dunno, it seems that everyone here, especially natives, expect that every country must be 100% covered by english speakers. I mean, it would certainly be nice if it was that way, but then again, it’s not mandatory. When I went to Japan, I already knew that english was a no-go on most places. Would I call to a museum by phone and start talking to them in english? By no means. I would feel stupid and kinda unpolite, actually. I would either google it or went there and tried “hands+legs+face+english+ariagto”. Would I blame the Japanese for not accomodating my language choice? Why would I? If I messed up because I couldn’t read a japanese “do not do this” sighn, would I blame them? Would it be their fault? How?

      The difference is they would be very very politely talking in japanese untill I’d give up and hang the phone up. While Czechs, if they don’t know how to answer you (Is it their fault? Questionable.), they will often let you “eat it”, the fact that you embarassed them. It’s far from the best solution, it’s rude, yeah. But I could name a friend of mine who was treated very unfriendly when speaking English or German in France. This is not just this country, it’s funny how everyone thinks it’s just here. And that it’s our fault if we cannot fully accomodate an english conversation.

      • AntiCzechs on

        Ive read you quote so many cultural and linguistic samples, including Japanese, Chinese. Let me ask you. How many of those countries did you actually live in? None. Typical communist talk. Always giving excuses. Own your shameful history and present.

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