The UK is the home of tens of thousands of Czech people. Amongst them is a group of amazingly talented Czech (or rather Czechoslovak) ladies that I know from a group on Facebook. They call themselves Šikulky, which loosely translates as Handy girls 🙂 And handy they are! Below is a display of their fabulous handiwork.

Kiwik Shop

Iva makes wonderful crocheted blankets and throws but also beautiful jewellery, all of which you can buy through her Facebook shop Kiwik Shop.

Michaela UK Jewelry

Míša makes lovely bracelets and other bits and pieces from Czech glass and crystals. You can see it all on her web Michaela UK Jewelry or on her fb page.

Myska koralky

Caraway Beads

Klára is a Czech lady living Scotland. She is an amazing photographer and one of those unique people who can see beauty in seemingly ordinary things. She’s a photographer who can make a feather caught in brambles look special… What’s more, she will then make a pair of earrings inspired by that feather! She is just unbelievable…and her handmade jewellery, which she makes from Czech glass, is absolutely stunning! Have a look at her website or Facebook page Caraway Beads and judge for yourselves.

VB Caraway

Marfi’s Little Handmade Gifts

Maria will make just abut anything you want – cushions, dresses, aprons, fancy dress and lots ad lots more. You can contact her via her website or Facebook page.

VB Marfi

Jitaky Felt

These beautiful felt decorations are hand made by Jitka. Check out he Facebook page Jitaky Felt for more cuties.

Crochet Hats for Babies and Children

Cute crocheted hats and bonnets for babies, children and adults made by Ludmila. You can choose from lots more on her Facebook page Crochet Hats for Babies and Children. I bought one for myself for the winter and it’s absolutely fab 🙂

VB Crochet

ZuZi Home Décor

Beautiful and stylish things made by Zuzana.  Have a look at more in her Facebook shop ZuZi.

VB Zuzi


Katarina makes amazing decorations from ribbons. They’re absolutely stunning and I’m sure they must take hours! You can find many more on her Facebook page Ribbonlicious.

Lenka’s Little Felties

Lenka makes lovely felt decorations of all sorts. She can be found on Facebook as Lenka’s Little Felties.

Lenka's Little Felties

Handy Hooks

Iveta loves crocheting and you must admit that she is pretty brilliant at it 🙂 It’s all for sale in her  Handy Hooks shop on Facebook.

Fairy Bits

Kateřina Kate Rusnak Potography is not only a brilliant photographer but she also makes her own props – Fairy Bits – Photo props and beyond

Kate Rusnak Photography

Hand Made by Lenka

Lenka is rather handy with a crochet hook and will be able to make you just about anything you fancy. Visit her Facebook shop Hand Made by Lenka for more wonderful things.

Iva Handmade

Iva makes and decorates felt letters that you can put together to make any name you like. She is on Facebook as Iva Handmade.

VB Iva Handmade

Buttons and Rhinestones

Veronika is a lady of many talents. Apart from being a Czech teacher at the University of Edinburgh and founder of the Czech School in Edinburgh, she also loves making hair decorations. Check out her Facebook store Buttons and Rhinestones 🙂

Beauty of Paper

Miška loves quiling and makes lovely cards and decorations. You will find her on Facebook as Beauty of Paper.

Mata Homemade

Martina makes pretty interior decorations from wood. She has a shop on Facebook called Mata Homemade where you can buy them all.

Zora’s Artwood

This uniquely decorated furniture is the work of Zora. You can see and order her pieces on he Facebook page Zora’s Artwood.

Lovin Knit

Soňa makes crochet and knitted hats, toys, clothes and accessories, all of which you can order through her website Lovin Knit or on Facebook here.

VB Sona

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