I recently discovered this video course for learning Czech, and it’s awesome! It’s by no means a course that will teach you everything but it will give you a good start. Or, if you’re someone teaching Czech, it might be useful for spicing your lessons up a bit.

The basic course has 49 lessons, each of which deals with one aspect of the Czech language, from saying “hello and bye” and “please and thank you” to the ever-popular “Czech swear words” and the most important “how to order a beer in Czech“.

If you’re looking for a complete Czech course, your best bet is either of the following two books by Lida Hola: Czech Express or Czech Step by Step. They’re actually “textbook + audio cd” packs and both are excellent.

I wouldn’t say Rich (the guy in the videos) has faultless Czech pronunciation but it’s not at all bad, and he is great fun to watch. Enjoy!

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