If you’re looking for Czech lessons over Skype look no further! A friend of mine has just started a language school and Czech Skype lessons is one of the things they offer! Her school is called the Czech Language Club and they are based in Prague and London. They offer all sorts of tailored Czech classes, including Czech Skype lessons. Here is a little bit about their school and Czech lessons via Skype in particular.
Czech Skype lessons, Czech language club

Czech Skype Lessons – learn Czech anywhere with Czech Language Club!

Czech Skype lessons are a great alternative to standard lessons in a classroom. Learning Czech over Skype is ideal if you want to learn the language but haven’t got a tutor or language school near you. If you find commuting challenging or if you live far from the teaching centre learning Czech over Skype could be perfect for you. Your Czech Skype course will be completely tailor made. You will be able to choose the time, frequency and topics for your lessons. The Czech lessons are flexible and give you the freedom to learn in your own environment and at a pace that suits you. We prepare students for real every day conversations and help them become confident. Our aim is to make you comfortable speaking Czech straight from the first session and focus on developing your speaking skills.

Czech Language Club Tutors and Lessons

Czech Language Club tutors are all native Czech speakers. They are friendly and have a wealth of experience in teaching languages.  They will not just teach you Czech but also show you how to learn effectively. Our Czech Skype lessons are professional and entertaining at the same time. They are customised to your needs and entirely based on your goals. Whether you’re interested in general conversation, business Czech or exam preparation our online Czech course via Skype is for you! All materials, including grammar explanations, videos, TV shows or vocabulary exercises, are sent in advance, and feedback is provided after every class. All you need is a computer with internet connection, Skype, speakers and microphone. You will use many different resources during your Czech Skype lessons like textbooks, literary texts, newspapers, films, videos, games etc. Your tutor will recommend all learning materials to you during your first session. You will always receive all documents and links before your lesson and will be advised to watch, listen or download required materials.

Free Taster Session

We offer a FREE taster session to make sure that our course is what you’re looking for. During the free taster session, your Czech tutor will discuss your goals, check your level of Czech and answer all your questions.

If you’re interested in learning Czech over Skype visit the Czech Language Club website where you’ll find more information and contact details.

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