Recently, I came across a video series about Prague called Honest Guides. Janek, a Czech guy with a terrible American accent (sorry if you’re reading this :D), is the narrator and your guide through the city. He is sooo full of energy and enthusiasm and, most importantly, he will show you how (NOT) to do stuff in Prague! His videos about Prague are informative, fun and bullshit free. If you’re planning a visit it might just be worth watching these before you come and you could save yourself not just a bit of money but a lot of stress, too! Apart from the Prague videos he’s done some about a couple of other places in CZ but for now let’s take a look at the ones about our beautiful Czech capital. Each video is under 5 mins so it won’t take you long to watch them 😉

Episode 1: How to Get from Prague Airport to the City Centre without Being Ripped Off

Getting from Prague Airport to the City Centre can be a challenge if you’re a tourist who’s just landed. This video should make everything a little clearer.

Episode 2: Where to Exchange Money in Prague

Where can you change your hard-earned cash without getting ripped off? Check out Janek’s video!

Episode 3: Do’s and Don’ts in Czech Pubs

What to do and not to do in a Czech pub – take a look.

Episode 4: Going to Prague by Train or Bus

If you’re travelling to Prague by train or bus then this video is for you.

Episode 5: Prague Castle

Do you want to know how to get to the castle and what you can see there? Check out this Prague Castle video.

Episode 6: Prague on a Budget – Restaurants

A reasonably-priced meal in Prague? It’s possible!

Episode 7: Travelling around Prague

Making sense of Prague’s public transport.

Episode 8: Ten Tourist Traps in Prague

What touristy bits to see and which ones to avoid in Prague.

Episode 9: Top Views of Prague

Where do you get the best views over the city? Find out in this video.

Episode 10: Fun Facts about Prague

Some cool fun facts about the Czech capital.

Episode 11: Where to Party in Prague

Are you a party animal? Check out where to have a good time in Prague.

Episode 12: Prague’s Architecture

And something a bit more intellectual to finish our Prague video tour off.


  1. Hynek Hrabik on

    Terrible american accent? Everybody has an accent (fake or real) and unless you are a native speaker it is impossible to get rid of it completely. Btw I don’t think that his “fake american accent” is such a disaster.

    • Even native speakers have accents, yep – some pleasant, others terrible 🙂 The guy in the videos has an American accent, which I don’t like, just my opinion, nothing else. Basically, I don’t like American accents full stop. Give me an Irish or Scottish any time, yum 🙂

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