A Mozaic of all Things Czech

Learn Czech with Rich Basic Video Course

I recently discovered this video course for learning Czech, and it’s awesome! It’s by no means a course that will teach you everything but it will give you a good start. Or, if you’re someone teaching Czech, it might be useful for spicing your lessons up a bit. The basic course has 49 lessons, each of which deals with one…
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Czech Christmas Beehives / Wasp Nests / Včelí úly

Ok, Christmas is not quite here but one needs to start getting ready! If you know anything about Czech Christmas, you will know beehives (also called wasp nests). They are Christmas cookies in the shape of, you guessed it, a beehive. The trouble is, to make them you need a special mould – it’s kind of impossible to make them without it….
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Prague Videos: Informative, Fun and Bullshit Free

Prague videos, tram in Prague

Recently, I came across a video series about Prague called Honest Guides. Janek, a Czech guy with a terrible American accent (sorry if you’re reading this :D), is the narrator and your guide through the city. He is sooo full of energy and enthusiasm and, most importantly, he will show you how (NOT) to do stuff in Prague! His videos about…
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Czech Fruit Dumplings

Czech fruit dumplings

Fruit dumplings are a typical Czech dish, which can be eaten as a main or a dessert. It can be made with all sorts of fruit. Our home favourite are strawberries but it’s also delicious with apricots or plums. I sometimes make them with apples, too, but it can get a little tricky when shaping the dough around the apple pieces 🙂 As for the topping, we sprinkle…
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Today We Die a Little: The Rise & Fall of Emil Zátopek

On the track, his running made him a legend; off it, his charisma and humanity made him a hero. No runner has generated myth like Emil Zátopek, the Czechoslovakian soldier who revolutionised distance running after World War II. The minutiae of his victories and training methods, the poignant details of his generosity and downfall – all have been endlessly repeated…
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Are Czechs Racists?

Czech rudeness seems to be something of a common occurrence as can be seen from one of the most popular posts on this website “Why are Czechs so rude?” and the comments below it. I thought I would elaborate on that topic a little by asking “Are Czechs racists?”, which is what the comments below the aforementioned post tend to suggest. If you were asked by someone…
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Czech Skype Lessons: Learn Czech Online

If you’re looking for Czech lessons over Skype look no further! A friend of mine has just started a language school and Czech Skype lessons is one of the things they offer! Her school is called the Czech Language Club and they are based in Prague and London. They offer all sorts of tailored Czech classes, including Czech Skype lessons. Here is a little bit…
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